CRAVE offers ‘snow globe’ experience with outdoor dining igloos

Four heated igloos are set up on the restaurant's patio that can seat up to six people each.

FARGO, N.D. — Crave is offering guests a unique dining experience that is both COVID-19 safe and festive for the holidays. The restaurant has set up four outdoor igloos for people to have a “snow globe” experience. Each igloo sits up to six people and is heated inside. The spots can be reserved for a 90-minute time slot between now…

LIVE: New Openings Just In Time For Holiday Festivities At West Acres

Holiday Season Brings Events Along With New Openings

  Months of planning and building are coming together at West Acres mall just in time for the holiday season. The highly-anticipated Crave restaurant opened last week. The Aptitude art studio is set to open soon. The mall is also moving into holiday mode soon. The mall is hosting “Frozen Fest” Saturday the 23rd in honor of the movie Frozen…

Crave Opens New Fargo Location

The Fargo location is the first in North Dakota.

FARGO, N.D. – Crave, a Midwest restaurant primarily based in the Twin Cities, had its grand opening at West Acres on Tuesday. The restaurant features sushi and American kitchens. Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan menu items are available in addition to a full bar. “The quality, not just the food, but the service as well as the ambiance. Those elements…

LIVE: West Acres Shopping Center As Busy As Ever

Shopping Center Seeing Flurry Of Openings And Expansions This Year

  The people down at West Acres Shopping Center say the next couple months will be as busy as any point in the mall’s history. Multiple stores are moving. Multiple new stores are opening. Three retailers are expanding, including Halberstadt’s, That’s just for shopping. The new Crave restaurant should be open within a couple months, along with Foss Swim School…

LIVE: New Look Coming To West Acres

Major Renovation Projects Scheduled To Open This Summer

  West Acres Mall is set to have an updated look by the end of the summer, with new addictions focusing more on experiences than shopping. A dedicated artist space called Aptitude is set to open this summer. That’s in conjunction with The Arts Partnership. Crave American Kitchen & Sushi Bar is also rapidly renovating its space in the mall….

West Acres Mall Spices Up Culinary Options Through “The District”

The first restaurant, Minneapolis-based Crave, will open in West Acres this spring

FARGO, N.D. — With plenty of space left over after Sears closed last year, West Acres is looking to mix in new flavors to its culinary scene. West Acres leadership announced the creation of “The District”, a 30,000 square foot project that will focus on enhancing the dining experience at the mall. With enough space for four or five restaurants to…

“The District” Bringing Restaurant Experiences To West Acres

CRAVE will be a part of The District, a group of four to five unique restaurants.

FARGO, ND — West Acres Mall announced Minneapolis based CRAVE American Kitchen and Sushi Bar will open next year. CRAVE will be a part of The District, a group of four to five unique restaurants. West Acres CEO Brad Schlossman said the project has been in the works for over three years. The District at West Acres will cover 30,000…