Hate Speech Resolution Passes in Fargo, But Not Unanimously

Just one commissioner voted against making Fargo the second city to pass the resolution

FARGO, ND — Commissioners in Fargo passed a resolution officially making the city an “inclusive” community. It’s the second city in the Valley to make this move, but it came with opposition on this side of the river. “This is the week that folks were talking about having some rallies in our town,” Fargo City Commissioner John Strand told the…

“The World in Fargo-Moorhead Diversity” Exhibit Opens at the Fargo Public Library

Each individual photographed for the exhibit will tell their full stories in person at the library September 17

FARGO, ND — The Fargo Public Library’s is highlighting the importance of diversity. They are putting on “The World in Fargo-Moorhead Diversity” exhibit now through October 1 to show all the kinds of people that live in this community. The exhibit features pictures of people from around the area that were all born outside Fargo, each of them having their…

Refugee Leader Wants Fargo City Leaders to Take Responsibility for Racism in the Community

Hukun Abdullahi said the Walmart incident is an example of what is wrong with the FM community

FARGO, ND — Local activists told Fargo city commissioners they are partially to blame for last week’s race driven rant outside of Walmart. “The Walmart incident is an example of what is wrong with our community,” said Hukun Abdullahi, who is with the Afro American Development Association. Abdullahi urged City Commission members to integrate diversity in Fargo. After the rant went viral, he…

Fargo’s Mayor Mahoney Releases Statement on Racist Posters Found Downtown

Mayor Mahoney called these posters discriminatory and divisive

  FARGO, ND — Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney says discriminatory posters circulating downtown do not represent the people of the city. Earlier this week, posters signed by The Flyovers which showed white supremacist beliefs were seen in a back alley by Wurst Bier Hall. Mayor Mahoney called these posters discriminatory and divisive. He says they do not value the city’s…

Critical Conversations: Celebrating Diversity at NDSU

Critical Conversations is being held at NDSU to tackle important issues in the community

FARGO, N.D. — NDSU is addressing diversity challenges through ‘Critical Conversations’. It’s a three day inaugural conference created to identify issues surrounding race and diversity and how to provide a safe venue for people to be heard. It also includes speeches and seminars about understanding each other’s stories in order to eliminate racism. Performances by a student drum group and…

Concordia College Comes Together During Interfaith Week

Interfaith and World Harmony week is a week long event filled with discussions and meetings of coming together as one in the community

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Interfaith and World Harmony week at Concordia College is an opportunity for students to learn, engage and grow together. This is the 2nd annual Interfaith and World Harmony Week bringing the Concordia community together. In light of current issues surrounding refugees in North Dakota and Minnesota, students say this is the perfect week to recognize each other’s…

MSUM Students Continue Service in the Name of Dr. King

Students donnated their time on Tuesday to help out and the food pantry and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

MSUM’s Black Student Union has found a way to extend their celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and give back. As part of an official kickoff to their extended celebration of Black History month, over a dozen students from multiple student organizations donated a few hours of their time to help out of the Emergency Food Pantry in Fargo….

The Fargo-Moorhead Community Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Students at Concordia College honor MLK and discuss why his legacy is so important to them

Concordia students say it’s a holiday that should be recognized on more than just one day of the year. The impact of Dr. King is something that students will take with them forever. “One of his quotes is ‘it’s a day on not a day off’. And that’s really important to me,” said Kaila Juntunene, who is Co-Chair of the…

Anne Blackhurst Coauthors Article Published by the Chronicle of Higher Education

The article talks about the success of diversifying college and university presidents in Minnesota

An article coauthored by MSUM’s President Anne Blackhurst has been published in the prestigious Chronicle of Higher Education. The article talks about the success of Minnesota colleges and universities achieving well above the national average in their rates of female presidents. The article said just shy of 50% of all Minnesota schools are run by women. The article tries to…