Fargo Public Schools Mill Levy Election Voting

Starting Monday, you can vote in the Fargo Public Schools Mill Levy Election

Early voting in the Fargo Public Schools Mill Levy Election begins Monday. You can vote Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 to 7 each day at Baymont Inn in Fargo. The general election will take place on Tuesday, March 7. A “YES” vote will allow the district to receive tax dollars based on the true assessed value of individual property…

Local Reaction to President Trump and the Inauguration

The Valley speaks up about how they feel after President Trump has been inaugurated

It’s Inauguration Day, yet it seems the community is treating this day like any other. We stepped out to see how many people took part in a day expected to go down in history, but many of the TV’s were turned off. However, one classroom at NDSU spent the day watching and discussing the importance of Donald Trump entering office….

Minnesota’s Lieutenant Governor Responds to Inauguration

Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith says she has some concerns coming into the Trump era

We spoke with Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith about what her hopes are with Trump taking office. Lieutenant Governor Smith said regardless of who is being elected, she always appreciates seeing the American Democratic system demonstrate its most prestigious ceremony. She said they have different views on certain subjects including trade and she is concerned about what affect his actions…

Minnesota House Begins 2017 Session

Governor Dayton expected to make his State of the State Address January 23rd

Minnesota’s newly renovated capitol also held its first legislative session of the year. Gov. Dayton will give his State of the State on January 23. Republicans dominate both the House and the Senate in Minnesota. State Senator Michelle Fischbach, who represents parts of Benton and Stearns counties, was elected President of the Senate. State Senator Paul Gazelka was elected Senate…

Clarification Wanted Concerning Marsy’s Law

Media Attorney Says Marsy's Law is Unclear When it Comes to Release of Information

A North Dakota media lawyer says Marsy’s Law is causing confusion over what information should be made public. Attorney Jack McDonald says when some information isn’t made public, it can become a public safety concern. Supporters of Marsy’s Law say it gives victims more protection and rights. However, a Bismarck lawmaker says one police department in the state is refusing…