Fourth of July

Many are expected to travel for 4th of July

"It'll be a busy holiday period so expect to see a number of people no matter where you're traveling."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — With the Fourth of July holiday landing on a weekend many people are looking to celebrate out of town. “We expect a busy weekend as people start to return to travel. We’re expecting about 48 million Americans to travel this holiday period which is an increase of 40 percent from last year,” AAA Director of Public…

National firework shortage and dry conditions pose risk for Fourth of July

"It seems like more people now are coming in out of panic because they heard about the shortage of fireworks on the news."

NORTH DAKOTA (KVRR) — Fourth of July celebrations might be a little less colorful. “Retail week’s first day was strong. It was huge. Saturday was a good day as well, but Sunday being the first day for Fargo it was very busy and it was crowded,”  Starr Fireworks Owner Johnny Starr said. With June 27th marking the first day fireworks can…

What happens if there’s rain for Moorhead fireworks?

"We know the show will go on. As soon as they load the fireworks, we have to shoot them off."

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Independence Day Firework Shows may be in for a bit of rain. The Moorhead Business Association says that even if it does rain, the show at Horizon Park must go on. Organizers say that they won’t have to worry about people getting wet as they will be viewing the shows from inside their cars. In the event that…

Tips to Keep Pets Safe During Fourth of July Fireworks

It's best to keep them inside in an escape-proof room

FARGO, N.D. –You might be enjoying the celebrations tomorrow night, but the Fourth of July fireworks can be a very stressful time for your furry loved ones. To keep pets from running away because of fireworks, Homeward Animal Shelter says it’s best to keep them inside in an escape-proof room. You can also turn on music to calm them down….

AAA’s Tow to Go Program Offers Safe Rides on the Fourth of July

It's important to plan ahead if you're going to be drinking

FARGO, N.D. –AAA can come to the rescue when your car breaks down, but on the Fourth of July, they can also help through the Tow to Go program if you’ve been drinking. If don’t have a plan to get home, you can call AAA, and they will send a tow truck to tow your car and drive you home….

Fourth of July Fireworks to Return to Mount Rushmore in 2020

The show was discontinued in 2009

MOUNT RUSHMORE, S.D. — Fireworks will return to Mount Rushmore for the Fourth of July celebration in 2020. The show was discontinued after 2009 due to concerns related to the pine beetle infestation that increased fire concerns in the Black Hills National Forest. The forest has since rebounded, and there have been advances in pyrotechnic safety. Gov. Kristi Noem says the…

Not Many Missing Pets Reported to Metro Law Enforcement

Homeward Animal Shelter Only Recovered A Couple Dogs Found on the Streets

FARGO, N.D. — Even with fireworks bursting in the air throughout the Fourth of July, animal agencies across the metro did not scoop up many missing pets wandering the streets. Staff from the Homeward Animal Shelter reported lower than average recovery totals for stray animals on Wednesday. Fargo Police says that there were no calls made concerning animals that ran away…

MSUM Puts on 5656 Ooh & Aah Fireworks Show on Independence Day

The stadium can seat more than 5,000 people

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Hundreds of people saw the fireworks at MSUM’s 45th fireworks show last night. Although the show didn’t start until 10:30, the party got started way beforehand with a performance by Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome. They have played at the MSUM fireworks display each year it’s been put on by the Moorhead Business Association. While some have made it…

Generations Come Together on Fourth of July to Learn About Freedom

Many different definitions of freedom converge and help people learn about each other

WEST FARGO, N.D. — For twenty years, James Kinlaw put his life on the line to protect his country while serving in the US Navy. Now living in Fargo, Kinlaw does not regret the sacrifices he made to protect the flag. “It’s an honor, it could be frightening depending on the circumstances, it could be very fulfilling, it’s something that…

History on Full Display for All Generations at Bonanzaville

People could take a step into the past at July 4th celebration

WEST FARGO, N.D. — People who came to Bonanzaville to celebrate the Fourth of July had a unique opportunity to take a step back into the past. Through many different exhibits, kids and grown–ups alike could witness how life was like centuries ago. People could interact with actors from the past and have some fun with different events. The celebration allowed…