Churches United Fundraiser: Annual Soup Competition Helping the Homeless in the Metro

The Gourmet Soup Kitchen is one of the biggest fundraisers for Churches United

FARGO, ND — Hundreds of business and political leaders throughout the metro are helping the homeless with competing soup recipes. About 40 soup recipes line the tables at the Holiday Inn in Fargo. “Everything from knoephla to one that is made with cheddar and apples,” said Lisa Richmond, Member Relations Director with Churches United It’s for one of the biggest…

Golden Drive Homeless Kids Teams Up with Cass Clay Creamery for Birthday Celebrations

Throughout the month of September, donations were collected to fill these favors

FARGO, ND — The Golden Drive has partnered up with Cass Clay Creamery to give children experiencing homelessness an opportunity to celebrate their birthdays! Throughout the month of September, donations were collected to fill these favors. Everything to help celebrate a birthday from frosting to cake mix to decorations were donated. Employees at Cass Clay Creamery are volunteering their time…

High Risk Sex Offender on the Move in Fargo

He will continue to check in with the police department

FARGO, ND — A high risk sex offender continues to move around Fargo. Police say 45-year-old Donald Edwardson is considered homeless. But right now he is staying at 317 19th Street North to help renovate it. He will continue to check in with the police department. Edwardson was convicted of three sex crimes involving three teen girls in the 1990’s….

Golden Drive Celebrates Five Years of Helping Homeless Kids

The event brought in hundreds of families to spread awareness and raise money

WEST FARGO, ND — It’s a five year milestone for a woman dedicated to ending child homelessness in the Valley. The Golden Drive Homeless Kid’s annual community event brought hundreds of families together to spread awareness. Sue Baron, founder of the organization, brought out the cavalry. “We got Star Wars this year, we got Chuck E Cheese, Batman and Superman,” she…

Golden Drive Homeless Kids to Hold Annual Community Event Sunday

Organizer Sue Baron said the biggest benefit is raising awareness about homelessness in our backyards

WEST FARGO, ND — People are coming together to shine a light on what they call an overlooked problem in our community, child homelessness. Golden Drive Homeless Kids is hosting its 5TH annual community event and bike run in the parking lot of Sandy’s Donuts in West Fargo. The group will be collecting donations and supplies for homeless children and…

Preventing Panhandling and Promoting Change In Downtown Fargo

Fargo Business Improvement District and the FM Coalition for Homeless Persons have partnered up to say there are other ways to help

FARGO, ND — When you are walking down the street and a homeless person asks for some spare change, the jiggling in your pocket may push you to give back. “We have kind hearted people in Fargo/Moorhead and that’s not going to change,” said Chris Schlepp, the Fargo BID Operations Manager. But the Fargo Business Improvement District and the FM…

New Life Center Holds Meal at the Mission

This shelter caters to men struggling with different life issues and their mission is to help people who are homeless and hurting

FARGO, ND — People struggle every day from homelessness and painful living conditions. In Fargo, one shelter is not only getting people off the streets but helping them build a new lifestyle. Whether you’re starting from a blank slate or trying to fix the past, the New Life Center offers services to help. This shelter caters to men struggling with…

Gate City Bank Gives Generous Donation to YWCA’s New Housing Program

Designs for a new building will help house the homeless in West Fargo

WEST FARGO, ND — A local bank is pitching in a large gift to help house homeless women and children in the metro. Gate City Bank is giving $1.5 million for a new YWCA housing program. A 30-unit home for women and children leaving the YWCA emergency shelter is in the works. The YWCA is working with Lutheran Church of…

Wide Gap Between Homeless Native American Population and Services in Metro Area

They said this mostly has to do with deeply rooted generational, cultural and historical problems.

FARGO, N.D. — Experts said there’s a huge gap between homeless Native Americans and local service providers. A recent report shows roughly three in 10 homeless people in the F-M area are Native American. More than 100 emergency shelter care providers and social workers from the area are working to break down cultural barriers with Native American homeless persons. “We’re trying to…

Homeless Coalition Estimates $250,000 Loss in FM Shelter Funding

ND Lawmakers are considering budget cuts which take more than $1 million from state homeless shelters

FARGO, N.D. — North Dakota lawmakers are considering cutting more than $1 million from state homeless shelter funding. It’s a big concern for a group dealing with homelessness in Downtown Fargo. Cody Schuler, a director at the FM Coalition for Homeless Persons, estimates a $250,000 loss from state funding of Fargo-Moorhead’s homeless shelters if  lawmakers follow through with budget cuts. Schiler said…