MSUM Students Celebrate Black Culture

A 'Black Lives Matter' banquet showcases art and performarnces

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The Black Student Union at MSUM held a Black Lives Matter banquet to showcase art and performances. “After the whole Black Lives Matter thing started and became more on our campus, we wanted to do a banquet that’s more lighthearted and not so serious compared to some of the other events that we have,” said Lillie Jones, BSU…

“Leaps and Bounds” Program Helps Kids Develop Skills

Each week focuses on a different letter of the alphabet

FARGO, N.D. — Gigi’s Playhouse, a Down Syndrome achievement center, has a fun way to help preschool kids learn skills. Their Leaps and Bounds program focuses on a different letter from the alphabet each week. Today’s letter was “S,” so kids learned about things ranging from safety to being silly to singing songs. Kids’ siblings can also join in on the…

Incoming West Fargo Superintendent Talks District Challenges

Beth Slette is no stranger to the school district

WEST FARGO, N.D. — West Fargo Schools has hired Beth Slette to be the next superintendent. “The process of interviewing for superintendent was very overwhelming to me. So the process of finding out that I was being offered the position was very humbling and exciting,” she said. Slette is no stranger to the West Fargo school district. She’s been with them…

Teachers Learn to Make a Difference at Healthy Schools Summit

The summit included tips on nutritious food and physical activity

FARGO, N.D. — Over 100 teachers were at the Dakota Medical Foundation’s Healthy Schools Summit to learn how they can make their classrooms healthier for students. “Healthy eating and physical activity are just as important as the reading, writing, and arithmetic in schools,” said Char Heer, a registered dietitian with the Midwest Dairy Council. The theme for the summit was “Ready, Set,…

Fargo Public Library Celebrates Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

“Seusstastic Celebration” includes story time, games, and cake

FARGO, ND — Children at Main Library celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday with story time, games, and crafts. Some people dressed up as characters from his stories. There was even a birthday cake dedicated to the famed author. Dr. Seuss’ official birthday is March 2, but children can celebrate throughout his birthday month. Organizers say they want children to become lifelong readers….

High School Students Practice for Robotics Competition

Organization aims to inspire students to pursue engineering

FARGO, N.D. —  High school students in the area are preparing to compete in a robotics competition held by an organization called First Robotics. “It’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else. There’s not a lot of other programs that give you this much manufacturing or engineering experience,” said Brennan Coslett, a West Fargo High School senior. Students from various high…

Community Takes Swing at Virtual Golf to Support Those with Dyslexia

This was the biggest fundraising event so far for Haley's Hope, a dyslexia learning center

FARGO, N.D. — The community came together to take a swing at some virtual golf and raise money for Haley’s Hope, a dyslexia learning center. This was the biggest event so far for Haley’s Hope, bringing together many people who support the cause at a virtual indoor golf course. The organization has helped hundreds of people over the past seven…

The Drug and Alcohol Culture of the Red River Valley

One of the biggest messages being sent today is not to ignore the small stuff. He says those decisions can really affect your future

MOORHEAD, Minn. — People across the country are concerned about the drug and alcohol culture in today’s society. Drug and substance abuse is sweeping the nation and one officer is traveling from state to state to teach people what to look for. “What are all the trends you’re seeing, what do they mean, what’s going on, the why,” explained Jermaine…

Local Students Celebrate Fargo’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day

School officials say they want the students and the community to come together and learn about the true history of Native Americans

FARGO, ND — More than 70 high school students from the Fargo-West Fargo Indian Education Program are honoring Fargo’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Kids got to learn about the original discoveries of this land and the background on indigenous people. School officials say they want the students and the community to come together and learn about the true history of Native…

Local Second Graders Experience the “Cultural Kaleidoscope”

More than 2,000 students crammed the auditorium for lessons on Ukrainian music and language

FARGO, ND — Second graders sat in on a cultural concert as they learn about the area’s European background. More than 2,000 students crammed the auditorium for lessons on Ukrainian music and language. The “Cultural Kaleidoscope” is set up to give a better understanding of their traditions. Students got a chance to join the musicians and play along to some…