Chick-fil-A to take Over Fomer West Acres Restaurant

This space has been vacant for more than a year

FARGO, N.D. — A popular fast food chain known for southern chicken recipes is coming to North Dakota. Fargo’s city planning director says Chick-fil-A is building on the former location of TGI Fridays at West Acres Mall. This space has been vacant for more than a year. Plans for the restaurant are under review and construction can start once the…

St. Cloud Case of Loaded AK-47 Rights Violation Dismissed by Federal Judge

The judge ruled the city's law is constitutional

  ST. CLOUD, Minn. — A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a St. Cloud man who says his rights were violated when he was ticketed for carrying a loaded AK-47 as he walked down city streets in 2014. Tyler Gottwalt also filed a lawsuit against three officers of the St. Cloud Police Department, saying he was fined…

Experts Say Permit or No Permit, Learning Firearm Safety is Key

Being properly trained to handle a firearm is critical

FARGO, N.D. — Although the new concealed carry law doesn’t require a permit, many people believe that it is important to know how to properly handle a firearm. Being properly trained to handle a firearm is critical. Safety instructor, Craig Roe, explains the four universal safety rules. The first rule is treat every firearm like it’s loaded. “Whether you just…

City of Fargo Considering Allowing Chickens in Neighborhoods

People have the chance to weigh in on the possibility and give their opinion

FARGO, N.D. — Chickens could soon join neighborhoods and live in backyards. The Fargo city attorney has been working with Fargo Cass Public Health and other city departments to explore the opportunity. The draft currently includes the ability to have up to four chickens, but no roosters. There would also be a permit required if you choose to participate. Fargo…

South Dakota Gun Permits to Bypass Background Checks

You may soon not need a background check when buying guns in South Dakota

SOUTH DAKOTA — South Dakota officials say they will begin processing a new federal concealed gun permit that allows the holder to bypass a background check for buying firearms. The Federal Bureau of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has determined the enhanced “gold card” pistol permit qualifies as an alternative to the background check required for gun purchases. But…

President Trump’s ‘Oops’ on Keystone Pipeline

The president said he approved the project that President Obama rejected on environmental concerns

  SOUTH CAROLINA — President Trump caused a stir after he addressed a group in South Carolina and claimed he has approved construction on the Keystone XL pipeline. The president said he approved the project that President Obama rejected on environmental concerns. But Mr. Trump was speaking prematurely as he only approved TransCanada to re-submit its application for a construction permit….

Bison Turf Owner Gets Permit to Begin Nearly Million Dollar Rebuild Project

Pete Sabo says three-quarters of the building will need to come down before the process can begin.

  The owner of an iconic Fargo bar, heavily damaged by fire last summer, has finally received a permit to rebuild. Pete Sabo says he was determined to rebuild the Bison Turf near NDSU after the July 22 fire which started in the attic and was caused by repair work. Sabo says the new plan, meeting new code requirements and…

Bill Drafted in North Dakota Allowing Concealed Carry Without Permit

State Representative Rick Becker is looking to make North Dakota a "Constitutional Carry" state

NORTH DAKOTA A North Dakota State Representative wants you to be able to carry a loaded concealed firearm without a permit. Eleven other states have implemented what are called “constitutional carry laws” while another four have adopted limited versions of the law. In North Dakota, an open carry state, Representative Rick Becker says he doesn’t believe passing constitutional carry would…