Water Service, Cass County Electric Scams in the Metro Area

Police say the phone calls are a scam and urge you to never give out a credit card number over the phone

  FARGO, ND — We have two scams going around the area to tell you about. Someone has been calling people in Fargo and telling them that their water service will be turned off if they don’t pay their bill immediately. Police say the phone calls are a scam and urge you to never give out a credit card number…

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office Warning the Public About New Phone Scam

The authorities want you to know this is not the sheriff and they never call people with requests to send money

  CASS COUNTY, ND — The Cass County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about a recent phone scam. Authorities say an individual is calling people pretending to be Sheriff Paul Laney and warning them saying if they don’t give pay up over the phone, they will have an active warrant against them. On a phone call back to phone,…

Fargo K9 Officer on Administrative Leave After Domestic Assault Arrest

Just two days after Fargo hosted the regional police K9 demonstration, Jeremiah Ferris found himself in jail

MOORHEAD, Minn. — A Fargo K9 officer is on administrative leave after being arrested for domestic assault in Moorhead. Police say the alleged female victim had injuries when they arrived on scene. Just two days after Fargo hosted the regional police K9 demonstration, Jeremiah Ferris found himself in jail. “I will be placing this officer on administrative leave pending the…

Apple Reveals Latest Feature to Stop Texting and Driving

Do Not disturb While Driving will soon be available on the Iphone

FARGO, ND — Reading one text is the equivalent of driving the length of a football field at 55 miles per hour with your eyes off the road. Texting and driving is something that we all may have been guilty of at some point in our lives. “There will be times where I’ll be driving,” said driver Josiah Kohlmeyer. “I’ll…

Parents and Kids Get a Lesson on Mobile Device Safety

They looked at devices which help monitor kids when they're out of the house

FARGO, N.D. — Parents and kids in Fargo are learning how to use mobile technology to stay safe. Several BeMobile stores showed off wearable devices which parents can use to keep track of their kids when out of the house. Kids also got a few lessons about staying safe on the internet. Special guests from area EMS, police and fire…

Two Local Businesses at Odds: Center of Dispute is Alleged Threatening Phone Call

A recording of the alleged phone call is circulating around local social media groups

FARGO, N.D. — Two Fargo-Moorhead businesses are at odds after a bride posted a negative review of Avalon Events Center on Facebook which allegedly lead to a threatening phone conversation. “I am telling you that if that review does not go away, you’re toast,” is what Tom Poole, Avalon owner, allegedly told Donny Dahl in a recording of a phone…

Verizon Brings Back Unlimited Data Plan…Sort of

Verizon bringing back its unlimited data plans is like a dream come true for users, especially if you like to stream apps like Netflix and Hulu from your devices

  NATIONAL — Verizon said it’s not just unlimited…it’s Verizon Unlimited. The company said¬†beginning Monday, Verizon customers can sign on for their new plan that offers unlimited data, talk and text for just $80 for one line, $70 for two lines, $54 for three lines and $45 for four lines. It’s important to note lines two through four are billed…

iPhone 8 Design and Verizon’s Threats of Disconnection for Unlimited Plans Cause Social Media Frenzy

Is the iPhone 8 going to be made of glass? Who is Verizon Threatening to disconnect?

Two top Facebook trending items today were all about the iPhone 8 and if you still have an unlimited plan with Verizon, they¬†are cutting you off. Both news stories are true…in a way. Before you become upset over Verizon, it’s important to check your facts. Verizon Threatens Disconnection of Unlimited Data Users Yes, we’ve all heard this from Verizon before….