Committee Discusses Bike-Friendly Strategies for the Metro

The F-M area has been ranked a bronze-level bike-friendly community

FARGO, N.D. — The Metropolitan Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee held its quarterly meeting to discuss how to continue making the F–M area more bike–friendly. The committee also talked about ways to get the community involved with activities. The F–M area has been ranked a bronze–level bike–friendly place since 2014 by the League of American Bicyclists. “We’re kind of hoping maybe this…

Construction for 20th/21st Street Underpass in Moorhead Begins Next Week

The city gave a presentation so people know what to expect

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The city of Moorhead gave a presentation on what people can expect as construction starts on the 20th and 21st Street underpass. Neighbors say they’re glad the project is happening, even though there will be inconveniences. One man says he’s been waiting for this to happen for 40 years. Another woman says construction will directly affect her driveway,…

Questions Are Raised After Fargo Brings Food Truck Pilot Program to People’s Attention

But both sides of the coin do agree on one thing, there needs to be some ironing out before this food truck pilot program goes into effect

FARGO, N.D. — As the City of Fargo is trying to implement a food truck pilot program, those with the trucks and downtown business owners are raising their questions. Jessie Cohen tells us what they had to say at an open house meeting with the city in our lead story. Some are looking to expand their business on wheels. “Look…

Storms Fill Streets with Trees and Damage Properties in Grand Forks

Jerry Hunter has had a berry tree in his front yard for 47 years and this morning's storm took it to the ground

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — After strong winds and several storms came through parts of our region last night and early this morning, several areas of Grand Forks were hit. Trees and branches were covering many roads and same came down onto properties. Jerry Hunter has had a berry tree in his front yard for 47 years and this morning’s storm…

New Traffic Routes for 25th Street South Concrete Pavement Repair Project

Monday begins some new construction around Fargo that you may want to be aware of on your daily commute

FARGO, N.D. — Monday begins some new construction around Fargo that you may want to be aware of on your daily commute. Crews will begin phase three of the 25th Street South concrete pavement repair project. Work will move to the west side of 25th Street S between 12th Avenue South to 9th Avenue South and motorists will be carried…

Fargo City Commissioners Agree To Revert To 70-30 Share On Special Assessments

The change means those paying the higher specials will see their assessment drop

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo’s special assessment structure is under fire by taxpayers and has become the number one issue leading up to the June election. City commissioners voted unanimously Monday to rescind the current cost share policy for street, water and sewer line projects. Commissioner Tony Grindberg offered the motion to revert to a 2013 policy that had taxpayers picking…

Fargo Public Works Tackles Pothole Issue

The filling the city uses during the winter is only a temporary fix

FARGO, N.D. — Potholes are an increasingly common sight throughout the city and Fargo Public Works is doing as much as they can to address it. With cold nights and warmer temperatures during the day, more potholes are forming during this time of year. Because of the snow on the ground, any road filling dumped in now, may still come out….

Clearing Off The Busiest of Roads After the Biggest Snow Fall of the Season

The trucks have about 12 to 16 hours post snow fall to remove the snow from roads

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Metro street crews are out and about clearing off the busiest roads. Moorhead Public Works sent out seven plows including three with salt capabilities. They say their goal is to get enough snow off the ground and enough of the pavement to be seen before the temperature drops below freezing. They are making their way through the…

Getting Excess Water Off the Streets and Into the Drains

The drains are iced over, leaving puddles of melted slush throughout the streets

FARGO, ND — Fargo Public Works staff say they are doing everything they can to get excess water off the streets and into the drains. After weeks of negative temperatures and plenty of snow, the drains are iced over, leaving puddles of melted slush throughout the streets. Staff has been spread out around town, opening up drains because they say…

Homeless Population Moving from Armory to Community Center for Shelter

With these bitterly cold temperatures, some now using the shelter say they thought they had no choice but to stay out on the streets

DILWORTH, Minn. — Those who have been in need of shelter staying at the Moorhead Armory are now being moved to the Dilworth Community Center until the end of January. Churches United in Moorhead has been working closely with the city of Dilworth to provide a second housing option for those in need. With these bitterly cold temperatures, some now…