No Travel Advisory in Parts of North Dakota

A no travel advisory is out for all of northwest and north central parts of the state due to blowing and drifting snow

  NORTH DAKOTA — Conditions have gone from bad to worse in North Central North Dakota. The DOT has closed Highway 83 from Minot to the Minot Air Force Base due to multiple accidents blocking the roadway. A no travel advisory is out for all of northwest and north central parts of the state due to blowing and drifting snow….

Looking to Get Away? When to Book to Get the Best Deal

It's that time of the year where people are itching to escape the cold temperatures

FARGO, N.D. — It’s that time of the year when people want to escape the snow and embrace the beach. If you booked to travel after January, you found a good deal. Whether it’s a church mission… “We went to Honduras,” said Debby. …or, seeing family… “Newbrunsville, Texas,” said Dale, a traveler from Moorhead. …or going back to the place…

Federal Judge Grants Restraining Order Against President’s Travel Ban

President Trump has not made a statement on the judge's decision

  A Federal judge has granted a temporary restraining order against President Trump’s controversial travel ban. The executive order, signed last week by the president, suspended immigration from seven countries for 90 days. It also put a hold on the U.S. refugee program for 120 days and indefinitely halted Syrian refugees from entering the country. Federal Judge James Robart from…

NDSU, UND International Students Advised Not to Travel

International students are being asked not even to consider traveling to Canada.

  Both UND and NDSU have cautioned their international students not to travel due to the immigration order. NDSU late last week emailed students from the seven countries included in the executive order, urging them to meet with an adviser if they have plans to travel outside the U.S. The email says, “most likely, it will be recommended you do…

Grand Forks International Airport Evacuated After Alleged Bomb Threat

Paraman Radhakrishnan is in custody charged with terrorizing after allegedly threatening airport staff

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Grand Forks International Airport is back to regular operations after a bomb threat caused an evacuation Saturday morning. Grand Forks police were called to the airport around 5:15 am after Paraman Radhakrishnan, who was flying from Grand Forks to Minneapolis, allegedly made threatening comments to airport staff. “At that time, the TSA agents confirmed exactly what…

Record Snowfall Hits the Red River Valley

Fargo set a one-day snowfall record with more than nine inches of snow in a 24 hour period

Record snowfall in parts of North Dakota and Minnesota is mostly to blame for making travel difficult in the region. As much as 10 inches of new snow fell in the Red River Valley with Fargo setting a single-day record on Monday of 9.2 inches. Students in some school districts had an extended winter break because of the dangerous travel…

Travel Alert Still in Effect for North Dakota, Minnesota Roads

ND-DOT, MN-DOT says drivers need to be cautious as they travel throughout the state

A Travel Alert remains in effect for northeastern North Dakota due to blowing snow and reduced visibility. In northwest Minnesota between East Grand Forks and Crookston, roads are partially covered with snow. There is drifting snow around the Donaldson and Greenbush areas. The road is slippery. Between US 75 near Hendrum and MN 32 near Twin Valley, there is blowing…

No Travel Advised on Many North Dakota, Minnesota Roads

Grand Forks says due to the snow conditions, plows will not be out on the roads

You should avoid venturing out tonight if at all possible. A No Travel Advisory has been expanded due to blowing and drifting snow creating near zero visibility and hazardous driving conditions. NORTH DAKOTA ROAD CONDITIONS The No Travel Advisory covers all except the southwest section of North Dakota. It applies to all of the roads highlighted in red and white…