LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Cheddar

If it's not too cheesy, we'd like to say he's a very "gouda" boy.

Say cheese!!! When Cheddar the pit bull terrier showed up at the KVRR Morning Show and we waved him on in to the studio, he knew right what to do.

That’s even though he couldn’t hear us calling his name. Because, being a deaf dog, Cheddar is used to recognizing hand gestures instead of verbal communication.

He’s a quick study and he loves affection as well as cheese treats, so he knows the signs for “sit,” down,” and “good boy,” all thanks to the help of some positive reinforcement with his favorite treat, which is — what else — cheese cubes.

His hearing impairment hasn’t affected his quality of life in any sense other than that he does have to be looking at you in order to understand you.

But all it takes is a simple pat on the shoulder or pull on the leash to get his attention, and he’s focused entirely on you.

At 4 years old, Cheddar is in tip-top physical condition. He’s exceedingly affectionate and gentle when interacting with human beings.

Cheddar does have one additional aspect that may be appealing to people living in apartments — he’s not much of a barker. He can bark in order to get your attention, but is more the strong, silent type.

4 Luv of Dog Carolyn Zehren brought Cheddar in for a live in studio appearance with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to demonstrate why dogs can adapt to a disability like deafness and flourish as beloved, trainable, and smart members of your forever family.

If Cheddar is too delicious to resist, check out his profile, here.


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