Pet Connection: Meet Napoleon

This guy can definitely conquer your heart.

The shelters are strapped for space this morning.

They’re dealing¬†with a lot more animals coming in homeless than usual.

It’s the opposite of where we were last year, with all kinds of people looking to adopt for the first time.

On the plus side — if you’re looking for a new furry family member, you’ve got a lot to choose from.

At Homeward Animal Center, where kennels are taking over the empty space humans work in, Heather Klefstad is sharing the story of animal after animal who just wants a warm home and warm loving heart to take them in.

They’re animals just like this guy, Napoleon.

He’s a young lab-pittie cross and he has a ton of energy and enthusiasm.

His winning personality and love of play makes him a great fit for a household that wants a dog who’s looking to romp with them.

He gets along well with other animals, and he likes kids too — although they shouldn’t be younger than five, because this guy generally doesn’t know his own strength.

Klefstad managed to get Napoleon in the camera frame long enough to share some of his story, and to explain what it’s like at the crowded shelter.

If Napoleon or one of their many other animals is right for you, you can get information on how to adopt at this link, here:

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