City Commission

Fargo City Commissioners Agree To Revert To 70-30 Share On Special Assessments

The change means those paying the higher specials will see their assessment drop

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo’s special assessment structure is under fire by taxpayers and has become the number one issue leading up to the June election. City commissioners voted unanimously Monday to rescind the current cost share policy for street, water and sewer line projects. Commissioner Tony Grindberg offered the motion to revert to a 2013 policy that had taxpayers picking…

Fargo City Commission Candidates Gather for Q & A

Some of the biggest concerns from citizens are housing, infrastructure, and transportation

FARGO, N.D. — The Hawthorne Neighborhood Association hosted a forum for Fargo city commission candidates. Organizers say the questions citizens submitted were wide-ranging, but some of the biggest topics were aging infrastructure, housing, election reform, and affordability of living in the city. The candidates say improving core neighborhoods is key, as is balancing the needs of renters and landlords to create…

Kelan Oster joins Fargo commission race

Oster is a bank compliance consultant

FARGO (KFGO) – An eighth candidate is in the race for Fargo City Commission. Kelan Oster, a bank compliance consultant and graduate of the University of Mary School of Business, says his campaign will focus on bringing fair jobs to Fargo with competitive benefits. Oster lives in south Fargo. He says he volunteers with the school district’s junior achievement program….

Arlette Preston Announces Candidacy for Fargo City Commission

She was on the commission 18 years ago

FARGO, N.D. —  A Fargo woman who was on the city commission 18 years ago is running for a seat again. Arlette Preston announced her candidacy Tuesday morning. The former school board member and one–time candidate for mayor of Fargo says the city is at a crucial turning point with a growing population and increasing influence. Preston wants to focus on…

Fargo City Commission Votes Against Reforming City’s Election Process

  FARGO, ND — Fargo City Commission voted 3-2 against putting a measure on the June ballot to reform the city’s election process. The changes would have involved increasing the size of the city commission from five to seven, switching to “approval voting” which allows voters to choose as many candidates as they like and creating a primary election. The…

Fargo to Receive $5 Million Award for Energy Efficiency

The announcement was made earlier this afternoon in City Commission chambers

FARGO, ND — Fargo is the $5 million dollar winner of a two-year national competition to promote energy efficiency in small to medium-size cities. The announcement was made earlier this afternoon in City Commission chambers. The Georgetown University Energy Prize competition selected Fargo’s energy efficiency initiative, eFargo, as the winner. The 50 communities competing for the prize were judged based…

Fargo City Commission Votes Against Former City Worker’s Appeal

the vote was unanimous

FARGO, ND — In August, Aaron Cockfield was fired from his job at Fargo’s Solid Waste Facility for pushing his supervisor. He had the second of two appeal hearings to try and get his job back this morning. Cockfield had an unblemished record in the eight years he worked at the Fargo Solid Waste Department, until July 28. “Mr. Cockfield walked…

Angry Homeowners Address Fargo City Commissioners on Property Tax Bills

Fargo city commissioners approved the 2018 budget by 4-1

FARGO, ND — Some angry homeowners addressed the Fargo City Commission about their estimated property tax bills. Many of them said they received notices in the mail saying they will be seeing double digit increases. City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn said the new budget actually cuts the tax rate by 2 mills, but he says it was the state legislature’s decision…

Fargo’s Block 9 Construction Project May Be Delayed

Mahoney says rumblings that the project is in trouble are not true

BLOCK 9 BLOCK 9 BLOCK 9 FARGO, ND — Mayor Mahoney says construction on the Block 9 project could be delayed until next spring. Work on the 18 story building in downtown Fargo was originally planned to start last year. A hotel, offices, condos, a parking garage and a renovated city plaza are planned. Mahoney says rumblings that the project…

Refugee Leader Wants Fargo City Leaders to Take Responsibility for Racism in the Community

Hukun Abdullahi said the Walmart incident is an example of what is wrong with the FM community

FARGO, ND — Local activists told Fargo city commissioners they are partially to blame for last week’s race driven rant outside of Walmart. “The Walmart incident is an example of what is wrong with our community,” said Hukun Abdullahi, who is with the Afro American Development Association. Abdullahi urged City Commission members to integrate diversity in Fargo. After the rant went viral, he…