Release of NDresponse.gov Strikes Up DAPL Conversation

The site created to inform citizens of state emergencies puts a heavy focus on the pipeline protests

North Dakota launched a new state website. NDResponse.gov is split between two main sections:  spring flooding and pipeline protests. The DAPL section is populated with daily police logs and press releases on the protest going as far back as last August. There’s also a section dedicated to debunking government perceived myths about the protest. “There’s a lot of social media…

Engineers Gather for Three Day Conference on Red River Flooding

Sharing ideas from across even international boarders lessons from communities along the Red River are shared

Engineers working all throughout the Red River Basin are coming together this week in Fargo for the 34th Annual Red River Basin Land and Water International Summit Conference. They’re discussing a wide range of issues regarding the river including the Fargo–Moorhead Diversion project. The conference has a little bit of fun mixed in with all the serious conversation. “I always…