Prairie St. Johns To Build $47 Million Behavioral Health Hospital In Fargo

Once the new facility is completed in mid-2021, the old hospital will be demolished

FARGO, ND — Prairie St. Johns plans to build a new Behavioral Health hospital in Fargo. The $47 million state-of-the-art, 128-bed facility will be built on a portion of the footprint of the hospital, just to the east. That will require the demolition of the vacant RiversEdge facility which was once a chapel and living quarters for nuns when the building…

NDSU Libraries Holds Suicide Prevention Week

They'll be providing resources to students throughout Sept. 9-15

FARGO, N.D. — Your voice is a lot more powerful than you think. It’s the message Prairie St. John’s and NDSU Libraries are sending to students on campus. As part of National Suicide Prevention Week, the organizations are telling them that if they notice a friend, family member or even themselves start to experience signs of depression or anxiety, they shouldn’t…

Panel Holds Discussion on the Impact of Suicide in our Community

FARGO, N.D. — Every 28 seconds someone attempts to take their one life. Specifically in this state… “For youth in North Dakota the numbers are actually quite a bit above the national average,” Monica McConkey, the Prairie St. John’s Director of Business Development said. To help lower those numbers, AM 1000 “The Flag” and Prairie St. John’s is holding a panel in…

Opioid Outreach: The Battle To Reach Those Battling Addiction

How do you reach people before it's too late?

  The opioid epidemic in the valley is taking lives. Addicts are risking death every time they use. How do you reach people before it’s too late? What does it take to put an end to the scourge? Those are the questions being grappled with across the region. Here are some of the answers the community has found so far….

Prairie St. John’s Celebrates 20 Years of Offering Hope and Healing

North Dakota first lady Kathryn Helgass Burgum talked about the role Prairie St. John's played in her recovery from alcohol abuse

FARGO, ND — Prairie St. John’s hospital celebrates 20 year of helping people suffering from mental illness and addiction. The celebration made it clear there’s more work left to be done. North Dakota first lady Kathryn Helgass Burgum talked about the role Prairie St. John’s played in her recovery from alcohol abuse. Addict Scott Smith also shared his story. It…