Sandy’s Donuts

Week In Review: May 8-12

Jackie Tries Out Different Jobs, And We Hang Out With Emily's Baby

  This week on KVRR Local News, Jackie Kelly went out in the community to do your job. She made donuts at Sandy’s Donuts, she brewed beer at Fargo Brewing Company, and she fed a baby calf at NDSU. We also get to meet Emily’s baby, just in time for Mother’s Day. Categories: Local News, Morning – Features Tags: fargo…

Jackie Do My Job: Donut Maker

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Learns What it Takes To Make Donuts at Sandy's Donuts

All week long you can see KVRR’s Jackie Kelly do different jobs throughout the area. The second job Jackie learned how to do is make donuts at Sandy’s Donuts in West Fargo. Her tasks included making the dough, frying it, and frosting the donuts. If you have a job you’d like to see Jackie do click this link here. Categories: Business,…

Mr. Matchy Matchy “Arrested” at Sandy’s Donuts

The mascot for Giving Hearts Day is "arrested" for not giving donuts to local cops

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Mr. Matchy Matchy was “arrested” after a traffic stop outside Sandy’s Donuts in West Fargo. Matchy, the mascot for Giving Hearts Day, was arrested for driving the Sandy’s van by the Cass County Sheriff’s Office and not giving donuts to the cops. His “bail” was a $2,000 donation to Jail Chaplains. The Hope Lutheran Church Women’s…