Man Identified in Sanford Hospital Bomb Threat

Joshua Ourada was booked into Cass County jail, accused of three felonies

A Fargo man is in Cass County jail tonight charged with bringing an explosive device into Sanford Emergency Center. After last night’s events, Joshua Ourada is accused of three felonies. Sanford Hospital released a statement saying a man was brought to their emergency center and was in possession of a potentially explosive device. Fargo Police say they were initially called…

Lynnette’s Story: Surviving a Heart Attack She Didn’t Know She Was Having

Lynnette went through the whole weekend without realizing she was having a heart attack.

The Go Red for Women luncheon in Fargo highlights a local heart attack survivor. We heard from someone who didn’t even realize she was at risk. “I loved taking care of the patients, I loved the families, I loved the adrenaline rush that you’d get working in the critical care,” said Lynnette Anderson, who lives in Page. “I took care…

Fargo’s First Go Red for Women Luncheon

More than 100 women gathered proudly for Fargo's first ever Go Red Luncheon.

At least one in three women live with some form of heart disease. People are ready to see that number go down. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women. What many people don’t know is that about 80% of cardiovascular diseases is preventable. The American Heart Association held Fargo’s first ever Go Red For Women Luncheon. This…

Mayo Doctors say Governor Dayton’s Cancer is Treatable

The governor announced he had cancer the day after fainting while giving Minnesota's State of the State address

  A Mayo Clinic official says Gov. Dayton’s prostate cancer was caught early and is `treatable and curable’. The governor was at the clinic Tuesday and Wednesday for more tests, which found no signs the cancer has spread, and to develop a plan of attack. The official says Dayton can continue his executive duties. Last week, the governor announced his…

Focus on Nutrition: How to Shop Healthy

Tips on How To Shop Healthy at the Grocery Store

Essentia Health’s registered dietitian Jenny Bednar gives advice on how to shop healthy at the grocery store. Categories: Health Tags: ESSENTIA HEALTH, Focus on Nutrition, How to Shop Healthy

Lawmakers Seek to Lighten Marijuana Penalties in North Dakota

Marijuana is lawmaker's minds during the legislative session in North Dakota

A bill to decriminalize marijuana is under discussion in the North Dakota legislature. Republican State Representative Rick Becker of Bismarck introduced the bill to help cut state spending. Bill 1340 is not set up to fully legalize marijuana. Instead, this would make penalties for possessing and selling the drug less harsh. Using or selling marijuana would get you a $1,000 with no…

Health Officials Urge Women to Get Screened for Cervical Cancer

A local nurse practitioner recommends women start getting pap smears at 21 years old

January is Cervical Cancer awareness month. Cass County health officials say getting screened and vaccinated are the best ways to prevent cervical cancer. Fargo Cass Public Health says each year, 12,000 women in the U.S. get cervical cancer, and 4,000 of them die. They say 93% of those cases were preventable by screenings and HPV vaccinations. Audrey Eckes, a nurse…

Canadian Woman Survives Six Days Without Lungs

Melissa Benoit was born with cystic fibrosis and her lungs became so infected, doctors removed them

  A Canadian woman is walking, talking and full of life after living six days without her lungs. Surgeons removed Melissa Benoit’s lungs after they became infected and it began to spread throughout her body. Benoit was born with cystic fibrosis and her doctors say taking out her lungs and putting her on a breathing machine was the last chance…

North Dakota Hospitals Take Action on High Number of Flu Cases

North Dakota hospitals are restricting visitors due to high numbers of influenza

With more than 450 cases of influenza statewide, some North Dakota hospitals are restricting visitors. Nearly 18 percent of the flu cases are in the Bismarck-Mandan area. Due to the high volume of flu cases Sanford Medical Center and CHI St. Alexius in Bismarck began restricting its visitors on Tuesday. You are being urged to disinfect surfaces you frequently touch…

Health Officials Weigh in on Governor Dayton’s Collapse at State of the State

Gov. Dayton is scheduled to meet with Mayo Clinic doctors to discuss treatment options for his prostate cancer

The Mayo Clinic says Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s fall during his State of the State address was not related to his prostate cancer diagnosis. In a statement, a Mayo Clinic spokesman says doctors believe Dayton’s fainting spell “was situational and related to standing for a long time while giving his speech and possible dehydration.” The 69-year-old Democrat was encouraged to…