Patty Wetterling: “I’m Not Strong. Jacob’s the Strong Force in My Life”

After months of silence, Patty Wetterling is speaking out about how she is moving on. Reporter Anndrea Anderson with our sister station, KDLT in Sioux Falls, Reports

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Patty Wetterling is trying to find out what’s next for her life. After her son Jacob’s remains were finally found after 27 years and his killer was put behind bars, she is trying to continue her own recovery. Anndrea Anderson sat down with patty to talk about the nearly 30-year ordeal. “They found some bones and…

Fargo North Students “Smash Out” Cancer

Organizers say this year's planning is already proving to be a smashing success

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo North students are getting tough and taking out their aggression on cancer one smash at a time. The school is holding its annual “Smash Out Cancer” and Relay for Life fundraiser for Relay Spirit Week. Students donate money to take a few swings at a car with a sledgehammer and say it’s their way of smashing…

Bismarck Oral Surgeon Suspended

She has a solo practice at Oral Surgery Center of Bismarck

  BISMARCK, N.D. — An oral surgeon in Bismarck has temporarily closed her practice after being suspended. The North Dakota Board of Medical Examiners issued an emergency suspension for Dr. Mansureh Iravani. She has a solo practice at Oral Surgery Center of Bismarck. She was accused of pulling the wrong teeth, starting procedures without enough sedation and yanking so hard…

Planned Parenthood Supporters: “When You Attack Planned Parenthood, You Attack Women’s Health”

"Pink Out" Events were organized all over the nation in support of planned parenthood

FARGO, N.D. — Planned Parenthood supporters came together all across the nation for what they are calling a “Pink Out”. An event was organized right here in Fargo. “People driving along Main here probably didn’t know this was happening,” said Meredith Power, a participant in the downtown rally. “I just want to be here to support Planned Parenthood and the…

Patty Wetterling Breaks Her Silence; Says She’s Still Learning Her “New Role”

Wetterling is speaking to the media for the first time since Danny Heinrich, the man responsible for kidnapping and murdering her son Jacob, was sentenced. Our Sister Station, KDLT, Interviewed Her For Our Story

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Patty Wetterling is in Sioux Falls, preparing to talk with health officials on how to promote child safety and prevent infant abductions. Wetterling is speaking to the media for the first time since Danny Heinrich, the man responsible for kidnapping and murdering her son Jacob, was sentenced. It took 27 years to solve the mystery. After…

Homeless Coalition Estimates $250,000 Loss in FM Shelter Funding

ND Lawmakers are considering budget cuts which take more than $1 million from state homeless shelters

FARGO, N.D. — North Dakota lawmakers are considering cutting more than $1 million from state homeless shelter funding. It’s a big concern for a group dealing with homelessness in Downtown Fargo. Cody Schuler, a director at the FM Coalition for Homeless Persons, estimates a $250,000 loss from state funding of Fargo-Moorhead’s homeless shelters if  lawmakers follow through with budget cuts. Schiler said…

Local Farmers Urged to Take Precautions Against Bird Flu

The bird flu virus has now been detected in five states

FARGO, N.D. — The North Dakota Department of Health is urging local farmers to take precautions as the list of states with the bird flu grows. Georgia has just been added to the list which already includes Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Alabama. Avian Influenza, otherwise known as the bird flu, can be transmitted by both direct contact and through air. “The…

Diabetes Alert Day: Are You at Risk?

Adults are urged to take an online rick test for Diabetes Alert Day

FARGO, N.D. — American Diabetes Association is sounding the alarm about the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in adults. Diabetes Alert Day is held on the last Tuesday of March every year as a wakeup call to find out about diabetes. A free anonymous risk test is available online and only takes about a minute to complete. With questions such as…

Clothesline Project: Giving a Voice to Victims of Sexual Assault

The clothesline project is set up at NDSU where students are sharing their sexual assault stories through t-sirts

FARGO, N.D. — It’s a touchy subject that some people don’t wish to share with the public. “You thought it was okay to take advantage of me. It was not,” read NDSU student Mackenzie Eckman. “You acted like nothing happened but I have to live with this forever.” Eckman is just one of the many students within the NDSU community…

Dance Marathon at Concordia Needs Your Pennies

Pennies for Pediatrics is kicking off this week at Concordia to help support Sanford Children's Hospital

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Dance Marathon, a nationwide movement involving college students who raise money through dancing, games and entertainment, is stirring up a war at Concordia. The college is hosting its first “Pennies for Pediatrics” fundraiser on campus throughout the week. The competition is between dorms and off campus housing to see who can raise the most money by Friday….