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Pet Connection: Meet Felix

Could you be the Oscar to this Felix? Meet the adoptable Nanday conure and find out!

  Felix is an adoptable Nanday conure, a small type of parrot, who’s available for adoption from CAARE, the Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue and Education right here in West Fargo. The beautiful little fellow has a lifespan of about 35 years in captivity and like all parrots needs lots of attention and environmental stimulation to live his best life…

New Details Released in Fargo Christmas Eve Killing

The name of the victim has been revealed in newly released court documents

FARGO, N.D. Timothy Porter, the Fargo man accused of killing a man on Christmas Eve is now charged with murder. He just had his first appearance in court. The court appearance was brief. “Because this is a felony, we’re not going to take any kind of plea from you today. Instead, we’re going to set the case on for your…

Grand Forks Lawmaker Proposes 80mph Speed Limit on ND Interstates

Laffen says "everybody drives that speed anyway"

A Grand Forks lawmaker is sponsoring a bill to raise the speed limit on North Dakota’s interstates. Republican Senator Lonnie Laffen says by raising the speed limit from 75 to 80 miles per hour will help businesses get their work done faster and more efficiently. Sen. Laffen says people drive 80 miles per hour regardless of the posted speed limit….

North Dakota Drones Can Now Fly “Out of Sight”

North Dakota becomes the first state to operate drones that go out of sight.

North Dakota becomes the first state to operate drones that go out of sight. Senator John Hoeven says the FAA has approved the Northern Plains Test site to use aircrafts that go beyond the visibility of the operator. Senator Hoeven has been working to secure this request that widens the opportunity to test and evaluate different locations. He says this…

24 Hours After Snowfall…Clean Your Sidewalks

With all the winter weather the past few weeks it's important to remember to clear the walkways

FARGO, N.D. After this weekend’s winter storm, sidewalks are covered in ice and if you’re a homeowner, you could be responsible. In Fargo, it is left to homeowners to clear their sidewalks. You have until 24 hours after a snowfall to clean the sidewalk. Failure to do so could end in a warning or a minimum $75 fine. Snow must…

Winter Storms Cause Blood Shortage in North Dakota

United Blood Services is asking for your help to make up for the lowered blood supply

FARGO, N.D. United Blood Services is asking for your help over the next coming weeks. Officials with UBS say the holiday season mixed with the recent winter storm are causing supplies to run low at blood banks around the state. They say power outages also caused blood drives to be canceled. While they don’t want anyone to risk their lives…

Protesters Break DAPL Agreement; Arrested by Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Says Protesters Seem to Argue With One Another Over Whether or Not to be Peaceful

Five protesters have been arrested despite having an agreement with law enforcement. According to Morton County Law Enforcement, a group of protesters crossed the Cannonball River after they were ordered not to. An agreement was made earlier this month between law enforcement and tribal leaders that officers would move away from the Backwater Bridge if protesters stayed off the bridge…

Clarification Wanted Concerning Marsy’s Law

Media Attorney Says Marsy's Law is Unclear When it Comes to Release of Information

A North Dakota media lawyer says Marsy’s Law is causing confusion over what information should be made public. Attorney Jack McDonald says when some information isn’t made public, it can become a public safety concern. Supporters of Marsy’s Law say it gives victims more protection and rights. However, a Bismarck lawmaker says one police department in the state is refusing…

Remains Found in Cass County Confirmed as Missing Vadnais Woman

Authorities say Michelle Newell was reported missing September 8th

CASS COUNTY, N.D. The sheriff’s office confirms the human remains found in rural Cass County are that of a missing Minnesota woman. Michelle Newell, 45 of Vadnais Heights, Minnesota went missing this past September. Her remains were found during a search in early December. Timothy Barr is charged with manslaughter and is currently being held in the Cass County Jail….

Rural West Fargo House Fire Caused by Blowtorch

Firefighters responded after a man caused a fire while using a blowtorch to de-ice parts of his home.

WEST FARGO, N.D. Firefighters say a man using a blowtorch to melt ice on his rural West Fargo house set it on fire. West Fargo and Harwood Fire Departments responded to the home at 6425 13th Street North after receiving reports of smoke coming from the walls. Firefighters say the fire was a deep seeded smolder burning the insides of…