Rural Cass County Faces Rising Flood Waters

The county has already distributed 80,000 sandbags

HARWOOD, N.D. — Conditions may look fine in a majority of the metro area, but in rural Cass County, that’s not the case. Around Harwood, areas that were once roads or crop fields are turning into giant pools, and they’re not expected to disappear anytime soon. The Sheyenne River is expected to crest at 91.5 feet in the next 24 hours….

NWS Predicts Overland Flooding In Harwood Area This Weekend

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office has also activated its Tactical Operations Center (TOC) at 7:00 a.m. today.

CASS COUNTY, ND — Cass County Flood officials are preparing for overland flooding in the Harwood area this weekend. The National Weather Service river level forecasts now predict overland flooding in the Harwood area will increase steadily between now and Sunday morning, April 7th. As of 6:15 a.m. Friday, April 5th, the Sheyenne River gauge at Harwood was observed at…

Man Who Lives Near the Sheyenne River Shares Nearly 60 Years of Flood Stories

Wally Nelson captures his flood experiences in photo albums and says the 1975 flood was the worst

HARWOOD, N.D. – Wally Nelson is no stranger to flood season. He has lived in his Harwood home near the Sheyenne River since 1960. Wally says the flood of 1975 was by far the worst. “Terrible,” Nelson said. “Terrible, yeah. Most people weren’t prepared for it the way it came that deep at one time.” His flood experiences, which are…

Overland Flooding To Increase Along With Temperatures This Weekend

overland flooding is expected to increase over most areas north of the Wahpeton-Breckenridge area

GRAND FORKS, ND — The National Weather Service says with warming temperatures overland flooding is expected to increase over most areas north of the Wahpeton-Breckenridge area. The water will impact numerous rural roads and homesteads. Ice jams will increase on area streams and rivers. The Wild Rice and Red Rivers’ flow should break remaining river ice and build into Fargo-Moorhead through…

Flood Prep Continues in Harwood, ND as the River Crest Creeps Closer

The sheriff's office wants people to know that their main concern is public safety

HARWOOD, N.D.– Cass County is preparing it residents for flooding with informational meetings. The sheriff’s office wants people to know that their main concern is public safety. Whether it’s from flooding or crimes that happen during the flooding. Some tips to prepare for the flood are snow blowing around your house in the areas where you will be putting sandbags, as…

Cass County in Urgent Need of Sandbagging Volunteers, Has None On Four Days

The county needs about 60 people per hour in order to complete 300,000 goal

CASS COUNTY, N.D. — Cass County is still in urgent need of volunteers to sandbag as it tests out operations at the Highway Department in West Fargo. The county is still looking for 45 volunteers from 2-5 p.m. tomorrow and more than 120 people are needed for Thursday. There are currently no volunteers signed up for March 29 and 30 or…

City of Fargo, Cass County Provide 2019 Flood Fight Update

the city is taking precautions with over nine miles of emergency levees

FARGO, N.D. — The City of Fargo and Cass County hold the first of many flood meetings to keep the community aware of the changes they will see over the next few weeks. Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney says the pace the snow is melting at is good for the time being but he doesn’t expect it to stay that way for…

Cass County Commissioners Issue Emergency Declaration For Spring Flooding

Could Overland Flooding Be Similar To County Flooding In 2011?

CASS COUNTY, ND — Cass County Commissioners issuing an emergency declaration in response to the latest flood outlook. County Engineer Jason Benson says there will be “multiple flood battles” to deal with along the Red River and its tributaries north of West Fargo. He expects the overland flooding from the Sheyenne, Maple and Rush rivers will form a “huge lake”, stretching…

Police Investigate Stabbing in Harwood

HARWOOD, N.D. – Police are investigating after an unidentified person was stabbed at the Harwood Grill and Saloon on Sunday. Cass County Deputies were dispatched around midnight to the Cenex station. The sheriff’s office says a party bus arrived at the bar around 11:45 Saturday night. An altercation happened as people were leaving the bar. The victim suffered non-life threatening…

West Fargo School District Wants Voters To Approve Money For More Schools

$106.9 Million Bond Referendum Vote Set For September 25, 2018

WEST FARGO, N.D. — West Fargo Public Schools wants voters to approve a $106.9 million bond referendum. The district wants to build another high school and middle school in addition to additions in Harwood and Horace and security upgrades. The school board has approved the bond referendum vote for Tuesday, September 25. Just last week the district broke ground and…