Walmart Employees Intervene After Devils Lake Grandmother Scammed Out of $8,000

She was told to purchase gift cards and send them in the mail overnight, concealed in a magazine

  DEVILS LAKE, ND — Police in Devils Lake say an 84-year-old woman has lost $8,000 in the “grandparents” scam. The victim received a call from someone claiming that her granddaughter had been in a crash in Ohio and that drugs were found in the car. She was told to purchase gift cards and send them in the mail overnight,…

Trial for Defendants in Jamaican Lottery Scam Put on Hold

The trial is expected to last three weeks

  BISMARCK, ND — The trial for 10 people who are accused of tricking mostly American seniors out of millions of dollars in a Jamaican Lottery scam has been put on hold. Federal Judge Dan Hovland has rescheduled the trial to January 22nd of 2018 because one of the defendant’s attorneys says he needs more time to prepare. The trial…

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office Warning the Public About New Phone Scam

The authorities want you to know this is not the sheriff and they never call people with requests to send money

  CASS COUNTY, ND — The Cass County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about a recent phone scam. Authorities say an individual is calling people pretending to be Sheriff Paul Laney and warning them saying if they don’t give pay up over the phone, they will have an active warrant against them. On a phone call back to phone,…

Buyer Beware: Online Puppy Scams Hitting the Region

They collect large amounts of money from the would–be owner, but many times, the pets do not actually exist

REGIONAL — Technology is a crucial part of our everyday lives but can be dangerous if not used properly. A recent scam has caught the attention of the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota. Phony websites have been advertising deals to purchase a new puppy. “People are praying on people’s compassionate hearts,” said Kish Hilmert, President and Founder…

Another Arrest in Jamaican Lottery Scam

Authorities say the scam caused at least 90 mostly elderly Americans to lose over $5.7 million

  BISMARCK, ND — Another suspect in an alleged multi-million dollar lottery scam, has been arrested. North Dakota U.S. Attorney Chris Myers says Gregory Gooden was arrested this week in Jamaica. Gooden was one of four fugitives still being sought. Fifteen suspects are charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud and money laundering. Ten others who have pleaded not guilty…

Moorhead Police Warning Veterans About New Scam

Police say scammers have set up a phone number that closely resembles the Veterans Choice Program

  MOORHEAD, Minn. — Moorhead Police are warning veterans about a phone scam that is pretending to be with the Veterans Choice Program. Police say scammers have set up a phone number that closely resembles the Veterans Choice Program. When people call this number by mistake, a voice tells them to leave a credit card number for a rebate. Police…

Eight Extradited from Jamaica to North Dakota Over Lottery Scam

The eight suspects have appeared in federal court in Bismarck

  BISMARCK, ND — Eight more people have been extradited from Jamaica to North Dakota in a lottery scam. The eight suspects have appeared in federal court in Bismarck. Four pleaded not guilty. Four didn’t enter pleas because their public defenders weren’t present. All were ordered held until detention hearings. Authorities allege the scam bilked at least 90 mostly elderly…

Things to Remember Before Hiring a Contractor

The BBB wants you to remember these tips to avoid losing money when hiring someone to fix your home

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Police are taking to Facebook to remind us how to avoid scammers when it comes to home remodeling. They shared the Better Business Bureau’s “10 Things To Do When Hiring A Contractor” list. “There’s a lot of handymans out here that’s not too handy,” said David McCrakin, who owns J & J Repairs and Roofing LLC….

Defense Attorney Wants Out of Jamaican Lottery Scam Case

Goff says he can no longer "communicate effectively'' with Willocks

  BISMARCK, N.D. — Defense attorney John Goff says he can no longer work with his Jamaican lottery-scam client. Goff has filed a motion to withdraw from Lavrick Willocks’ case. Willocks is accused of bilking more than 70 mostly elderly Americans, including a North Dakota woman, out of over five and a half million dollars. Goff says he can no…

BBB Risk Report: Scammers Target Younger Victims

It's consumer protection week and a new scam report may surprise you with who's at risk

NATIONAL — Scams come in all shapes and sizes but anyone can be a victim: including millennial. A new report shows that younger generations are being targeted. From swiping… “We hear romance scams are a big deal here.” said Heather Johnson, with the Better Business Bureau office in Fargo. …to selling and buying… “The millennial group is getting scammed more…