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Experts Discuss Ways To Make Quarantining With Your Family Less Stressful

These unprecedented times, especially being confined at home, can make emotions and tensions run high.

FARGO, N.D.- Experts say it’s important to take this time to bond with each other, find an activity that you can do with your family or significant other. They also say it’s important to  make sure to let them know that you appreciate them by doing things around the house. “Do nice things for each other. This is the time of…

The Village Cuts Ribbon On New Moorhead Office

Workers say the new office space will allow them to increase their staff size and take in more patients.

MOORHEAD, MINN — The Village cuts the ribbon on it’s newest Moorhead offices. Along with the ribbon cutting they also offiered tours of the facility. The new building specializes child services, mental health counseling in home family therapy and truancy intervention. Workers say the new office space will allow them to increase their staff size and take in more patients….

Big Brothers Big Sisters is Teaming up With the F-M Modern Sewing Guild

Creating masterpieces at Liberty Middle School

  WEST FARGO, N.D. – Six Bigs and Littles take part in creating masterpieces at Liberty Middle School. Each pair makes two pillows and donates one to F-M Wine and Dine silent auction. Members of the guild hope sewing is something more people become interested in again. “It’s a way for us to kind of get our name out into…

Local Organizations Make a Stand to Stop Growing Suicide Rates

Every state except Nevada saw an increase in the number of suicides since 1999

FARGO, N.D. — Baylee Enquist was just one of thousands of teenagers across the country who deal with sadness on a daily basis. “I was struggling a lot in middle school with depression and anxiety, and was having a hard time reaching out and once I did, I was able to get on the path to be well again,” said Enquist,…

Jeremiah Program Hoping to Help Single Mothers Finish College

The new Jeremiah Program center is set to open in early 2018 with a 20-unit complex and a child care facility

FARGO, N.D. — A child care service that many low–income families have relied on is closing soon. The Jeremiah Program is breaking ground next month on a new project, but will the new facility fit the needs of those left behind? When Nokomis Child Care Center announced it was closing at the end of June, in part to a lack…

Fargo Big Brothers Big Sisters Agency Wins National Award

Only ten percent of local agencies nationwide win the American Quality Award

FARGO, ND — The Family Service Center received a major award from the national Big Brothers Big Sisters. The Fargo–based organization is one of 36 local agencies nationwide to receive the America Quality Award for team leadership and quality community programming. The Village has served over 200 children in the F–M area by connecting them to adult volunteers. The Village is…

Nokomis Child Care Centers to Close This Summer

Staff members say competition and reallocation of resources are the reasons for closing

FARGO, N.D. — Two Fargo child care centers which offer sliding scale rates to low income families are set to close down. The Village made an announcement which said both of Fargo’s Nokomis Child Care Centers will close down on June 30th. Staff members said other area child care centers made things more competitive for Nokomis. They decided they could…