Fargo Public Works

Roads Should Be Clear When Traveling this Holiday Season

Fargo Public Works plows about 26 miles of sidewalks and more than 2,000 lane miles of roads

FARGO, N.D. — If you plan on traveling for the holidays tonight or tomorrow, Fargo Public Works officials say they’ve got you covered. Some people say thinking about Fargo winters makes them cringe. “Oh, it can be real tough. Yeah, I wonder why I don’t go south sometimes,” Denny Hansen said. There’s nothing anyone can do about the temperature but thanks…

Those with Limited Mobility at Risk from Snow Covered Walkways

A fine isn't the only risk you face by not shoveling

Snow covered sidewalks can be an annoyance for everyone but for those with physical disabilities they can be dangerous. “You pretty much have to have bare pavement or you’re going to be at risk of getting stuck,” said Executive Director of the Freedom Resource Center,  Nate Aalgaard. Aalgaard is wheelchair bound and winter can be an especially tough time. “There’s…