Fargo Public Works

Fargo Public Works Dep. Works to Repair Residential Water Main Break

Public works says it typically takes between four and six hours to repair a water main break due to the frost

FARGO, N.D. – Fargo Public Works is working to repair a water main break on the 100 block of 23rd Avenue North in Fargo. The water main break happened just after 6 this morning creating flowing water on the residential street. Public works says it typically takes between four and six hours to repair a water main break due to…

Drivers Growing Frustrated with Larger Snow Banks on Street Corners

Fargo Public Works have been clearing corners if they are larger than 2 foot

FARGO, N.D. — People across the metro say driving with fresh snow on the ground is not the greatest experience they have behind the wheel. With several snow banks growing on street corners, and some question their safety on the roads. “It’s kind of frightening a little bit to see that because I can’t see around them, and I don’t like…

Fargo Public Roads Clearing Roads, Using All Equipment

They ask people to keep their cars out of the streets

FARGO, N.D. — We are looking at a lot of snow once again but Fargo Public Works crews say they’ve got things covered. Crews started snow operations last night at 8 and with the accumulation overnight, they ended up running plows twice by 7 this morning. They hope to be done with residential neighborhoods tonight by 7. Fargo Public Works has…

Crews Clear Fargo Streets Before Heavy Wind, Subzero Temperatures

Fargo Public Works encourages people to drive slow on icy roads

FARGO, N.D. — Crews from Fargo Public Works worked throughout the day Tuesday to clear the streets of snow across the metro. Fargo Public Works Supervisor Lee Anderson says their plows should have all of the roads throughout the city finished by this evening. They wanted to take care of the roads now before heavy winds and colder temperatures set in…

Blizzard Conditions Impact Drivers on the Road

Fargo Public Works has all 26 plows on the road working to control the falling snow

FARGO– Safety is critical for people driving in blizzard conditions. “It’s sort of about time,”Downtown Fargo worker Albert Gorman said. “We haven’t had a lot of snow this season so I mean it’s not unexpected.” Whether you like it or not, winter is showing its face. “I drove in from Moorhead,” Gorman said. “It was pretty slow going but the…

Travelers Hit the Road to Escape Winter Storm

People traveling by car either needed to leave this morning or stay put to avoid winter weather

FARGO– Holiday travelers started hitting the road early this morning to avoid winter weather conditions. “We were celebrating Christmas with the family up in Grand Forks and we saw the snow was coming, we gotta get back to Sioux City, Iowa so we left Grand Forks about 6 and just decided to stop here for gas before the storm came,”…

Jefferson Elementary Third Graders Learn about Recycling

The students got to take home a complimentary cloth bag to use instead of plastic bags

FARGO, N.D. — Third graders at Jefferson Elementary are learning how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The three third grade classes learned what products are recyclable, and how recycling benefits the environment. Students also heard about programs offered by the City of Fargo where they can take all their unwanted cans, bottles, and papers. The city’s recycling coordinator says encouraging kids…

Fargo Public Works Sends 10 Sanding Units Out After Winter Weather

They called employees back yesterday at 4:30 pm to begin road cleanup

FARGO– Fargo Public Works has all 10 of its sanding units out on the roads due to slick conditions. They called employees back yesterday at 4:30 pm to begin road cleanup. The sanding units worked through the evening and into today. A supervisor said they were not anticipating the slippery road conditions and for areas that have not yet been…

Fargo Public Works Gets Ready for Winter Weather Conditions Overnight

This is not the first time they say it's snowed in October

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Public Works took care of heavy snow this morning but the weather started to lighten up in the afternoon. However, there’s a winter storm warning keeping crews monitoring the weather conditions throughout the rest of the night. When Emily Seigart looked out her window this morning, she was appalled at what she saw. “I was super bummed….

Fargo Public Works Clears Out Drains of Snow and Ice on Several Streets

Fargo Public Works say there are over 14,000 drains in the city that need to be emptied

FARGO, N.D. — As the weather heats up, Fargo Public Works begins to clear the roads of large puddles. There are over 14,000 drains that need to be cleared out throughout the city of Fargo. Using a bulldozer, the city pushes aside snow and finds the drainage holes to clear out the water from the streets. Until the process is complete,…