Pearl Harbor Sailor Finally Laid to Rest

A funeral service was held in Fessenden for sailor 74 years after he gave his life serving his country

FESSENDEN, N.D., — After decades of unanswered questions, a Pearl Harbor sailor was finally identified and brought home. “It’s a Saturday, the county fair is going on three miles from here, and there are hundreds of people out honoring a man they haven’t even seen a picture of until this week in the newspaper,” said Captain Duane Sand with the…

Memorial Day: “It’s All About the People Who Did Not Come Home”

Many took the day to honor all veterans who had fallen

FARGO, ND — People across the nation and right here at home honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. “We’re honoring those who served and those who died,” said Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney. “It’s all about the people who did not come home,” said Larry Nicholson, a Vietnam War Veteran. “It’s hard to explain, but it’s a…

North Dakota Senators Address Veterans’ Issues

Senators Hoeven and Heitkamp visited the West Fargo VFW for their Mid-Winter Conference

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Both North Dakota senators were in West Fargo speaking to veterans at a VFW post for their mid–winter conference. There are multiple issues facing veterans these days including budget cuts, homelessness and unemployment, but Senator John Hoeven said North Dakota has made significant progress with veterans’ access to healthcare. “The VA healthcare system that exists here…