Southern Minnesota Blasted with Winter Weather

One hundred flights have been canceled

HR09_131611393182340000 HR09_131611393320670000 HR09_131611393370340000 MINNESOTA — Flights from Fargo to Minneapolis have been canceled after the runways in Minneapolis were closed by a major winter storm. One hundred flights have been canceled. North and southbound lanes of I-29 from Sioux Falls south to the Iowa border are also closed because of heavy snow and strong winds. Numerous vehicles, including jackknifed semis,…

City Ordinances and Deadlines for Shoveling Snow in Public Areas

City of Fargo ordinances show that snow must be removed from your sidewalks by 9 pm after the snow ends

FARGO, ND — Living in the metro means snow will be around the valley for much of the winter. But do you know when it’s time to start shoveling? City of Fargo ordinances show that snow must be removed from your sidewalks by 9 pm after the snow ends. Snow can only be dumped onto the boulevard if one exists…

Shoveling Snow: Know Your Risks

When you are shoveling, go slow, dress in layers and over your mouth, head and neck from the cold weather

NATIONAL — When it comes to shoveling snow, it’s important to remember there is a right way and a potentially harmful way. Doctors say shoveling snow causes significant strain on the body and if you have not been physically active throughout the year, it can put you at risk for many conditions. The activity can cause an increase in blood…

Blowing and Drifting Snow Creating Road Closure

Public Works Supervisor Lee Anderson says out-lying city streets, especially in open area's, are filling in as fast as plows can clear the drifting snow.

Courtesy: KFGO RadioFARGO (KFGO) – Fargo Public Works has closed 19th Avenue North from 18th Street North to Dakota Drive, (the entrance to Hector International Airport) due to drifting and poor visibility this (Monday) morning. Access to and from the airport is south on Dakota Drive to 12th Avenue. Public Works Supervisor Lee Anderson says out-lying city streets, especially in…

Weather Stops Truck Drivers from Finishing Their Journeys

But North Dakota Department of Transportation has spent most of this storm clearing 1–29, which was closed for most of the day

FARGO, ND — After days of beautiful temperatures, the cold winter weather is back in the metro. We spoke with drivers who are stuck in Fargo about how the weather has affected their journeys. “It’s a mess,” said Joseph Michael Strauss, who is a truck driver from Michigan.  Truckers were sidelined after major roads were shut down by the weather. “The…

Snow Totals For Jan 10/11 2018

Snow Amounts from the National Weather Service

Location Amount Time/Date Lat/Lon Buxton 7.0 in 1100 AM 01/11 47.60N/97.10W 4 SSW Holmes 7.0 in 0100 PM 01/11 47.67N/97.33W 1 NNW Grand Forks 6.6 in 0600 PM 01/11 47.93N/97.08W Grand Forks ND (NWS) 6.6 in 0600 PM 01/11 47.93N/97.08W 3 SSE Grand Forks 6.5 in 0700 AM 01/11 47.87N/97.05W Grand Forks ND 3 SSE 6.5 in 0700 AM 01/11…

LIVE: Morning Weather

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Tells Viewers About the Road Conditions

KVRR’s Jackie Kelly goes out into the elements to talk about morning travel conditions. Categories: Morning – Features, Morning – In The Community Tags: morning travel, snow, weather

Snow and Wind Reports from Monday, December 4th

Latest reports from the National Weather Service

Wind Reports: Tenney MN (DOT) 57 MPH Wahpeton ND (DOT) 57 MPH Fergus Falls MN (APT) 56 MPH Lake Park MN (DOT) 55 MPH Grand Forks ND (DOT) 55 MPH Detroit Lakes MN (APT) 54 MPH Fargo ND (APT) 53 MPH Donaldson MN (DOT) 51 MPH Thief R Falls MN (APT) 51 MPH Cooperstown ND (APT) 51 MPH Devils Lake…

First Blast of Winter 2017 Hits the Region Hard

As the hours tick by, Fargo Public Works has been keeping a close eye on the conditions

FARGO, ND — The first blizzard of the season has affected everyone from students and local drivers to professional truckers. “It was just crazy the rest of the day,” said West Fargo senior, Matthew Jahnke. “Once the announcement came out, kids were just, like bouncing off the walls.” It also prevented people from finishing their journeys on the road. “Running…