City of Grafton Prepping for Potential Major Flood

Crews have started to bring in supplies to build clay temporary levees.

GRAFTON, N.D. — The city of Grafton is fighting back against the flood waters. Crews have started to stock up to build temporary levees. “Starting tomorrow, there will be temporary dikes built at 5th street at McHugh Avenue and across at the campground entrance,” said Deputy Chief Alex Droske with the Grafton Police Department. “We will also be closing Wakeman…

Grafton Area Under “State of Emergency” Amid Flood Concerns

New outlook shows recrod breaking flood potential for Walsh County

  WALSH COUNTY, N.D. — Gov. Burgum has declared a state of emergency due to the major flood threat for Walsh County. The National Weather Service flood outlook calls for a crest range of 14-16 feet, which would be close to the record crest of 2013 of 16.16 feet. Walsh County and the city of Grafton have been preparing for…

Seven Children Injured in School Bus Crash with Suspected Drunk Driver in Minnesota

The bus was carrying 22 children at the time of the accident. Seven of them suffered minor injuries

  ROBBINSDALE, Minn. — Five children were sent to the hospital and are now recovering after an erratic driver crashed into a school bus in a suburb of the Twin Cities. Robbinsdale Police say the driver, identified as 28-year-old Argeni Fernandez of Minneapolis, hit the school bus while he was trying to flee from authorities. Police say Fernandez was found behind…

North Dakota Amtrak Passengers Stranded 13 Hours Are Now Moving

One Train Was Stuck Near Rugby , Delaying A Second Train West of Devils Lake

COURTESY: WADE LINGHOR  NORTH DAKOTA –Two Amtrak trains that were delayed due to one being stuck in deep snow near Rugby are rolling again. BNSF Railway crews helped free the eastbound Empire Builder after it was stuck in many feet of snow near Rugby. The train with a little more than 100 people on board was delayed for about 13…

New Bill Introduced in Minnesota Turns “Snow Days” into “School Days” for Students

Minnesota Legislators are hoping to replace snow days with 'e-learning' days

MINNESOTA — Students in Minnesota may want to take advantage of any upcoming snow days before they’re over with for good. Sleeping in, building snowmen or having play dates with friends is what usually comes to mind when we think of having snow days. Yet, students may be kissing these days goodbye as lawmakers in Minnesota are working on establishing…

No Travel Advisory in Parts of North Dakota

A no travel advisory is out for all of northwest and north central parts of the state due to blowing and drifting snow

  NORTH DAKOTA — Conditions have gone from bad to worse in North Central North Dakota. The DOT has closed Highway 83 from Minot to the Minot Air Force Base due to multiple accidents blocking the roadway. A no travel advisory is out for all of northwest and north central parts of the state due to blowing and drifting snow….

City Workers Explain the Smelly Side of Showering

What causes these odors and why you shouldn't be concerned

FARGO, N.D. — Many people in the Valley could be getting weird smells from their shower at this time of year. If your water smells earthy, Fargo city workers have an answer. They say any smell of chlorine or organic smells coming from your shower aren’t something you should be concerned about. “We generally see this at the end of…

NASA Updates for the White Stuff

New Weather Technology Helps People See Snow From Space

Snow is something all of us in the Upper Midwest are used to in the winter. But how are researchers using it to help figure out our country’s water supply? “NASA’s Earth Observing Fleet has been at this for a long time,” explains NASA Scientist Dalia Kirschbaum. New ways to measure the winter white stuff are coming, thanks to scientists…

Two NDSU Students Killed In Car Accident

Two NDSU students were killed when their vehicle spun out of control on I-94

NDSU is mourning the loss of two students who were killed in a car accident last night. The accident happened along I-94 just east of Moorhead. According the Minnesota State Patrol, Danie Thomssen, Carson Roney and Haley Visto were traveling together going westbound on Interstate 94 around 10 on Saturday night when their car suddenly spun out of control. There…

Frostival 2017 Shows That You Can Have Fun in the Cold

Frostival is a day of fun-filled cold-weather events

FARGO, N.D. — Twenty-nine degrees may be cold for some, but for others it’s perfect for the 2017 Frostival. If you happened to see kids sliding down hills in cardboard sleds, don’t be confused – it’s all a part of  Frostival 2017. Most of the events started at 8:30 am after last night’s opening ceremony. From cardboard sled races to…