Local Conference is Cultivating Relationship Between Agriculture and Technology

More than 20 speakers touched on things like innovative farm equipment and how technology impacts each industry of agriculture

Emerging Prairie brings farmers, agtech company founders, software developers and many more to their second annual Cultivate Conference. It focuses on the relationship between agriculture and technology. More than 20 speakers touched on things like innovative farm equipment and how technology impacts each industry of agriculture. Emerging Prairie provides this platform for entrepreneurs and farmers to work with one another…

Changes Are Coming to 12th Avenue South in Moorhead; How You Can Get Involved

Whether it's the boulevard trees or its residential characteristics, many would like it its historic charm to remain while functioning like a major road corridor

MOORHEAD, Minn. — People from all different sectors within the city of Moorhead are putting their heads together to improve one of the main roads. KVRR’s Jessie Cohen went to the group’s first public meeting to hear what the future could look like. When you are driving down 12th avenue south in Moorhead, think about what sticks out to you….

New Technology and High Voter Turnout Changes the Voting Experience for People in Moorhead

The lines moved faster, the process took quicker and it's all because of some new technology...poll pads

MOORHEAD, Minn. — As Minnesotans lined up to vote in the primaries, many noticed new technological changes that sped up the process. KVRR’s Jessie Cohen tells us about some of the changes and how they have affected voters. “I was at a polling location when they first opened this morning and those first couple voters first came in right as…

Kids Learning How to Use 3D Printing at NDSU Stem Kids Summer Camp

They are using advance technology that engineers within the college are able to use

FARGO, N.D. — Kids are getting a chance to go to college for a week and dive head first into some exciting engineering projects. The students are using 3D printers as a part of the STEM Kids Summer Camp at NDSU to learn how to make different items like dice. They are using advance technology that engineers within the college…

Jeremiah Program Receives Grant from Microsoft TechSpark

The grant will give single mothers the resources they need to succeed in the classroom

FARGO, N.D. — The Jeremiah Program received a $10,000 check from Microsoft, which will help pay for resources mothers can use in the classroom. The Jeremiah Program helps lift single mothers out of poverty. “You pretty much can’t go to college successfully today without having a computer and access to software to support you in your classes, so they have provided…

Senator Hoeven and Governor Burgum Talk Drone Focus

They were highlighting all of North Dakota's initiatives in the industry

FARGO, N.D. — North Dakota has become a national leader in unmanned aircraft systems. A huge part of that is because of the state’s devotion to drone technology. Senator John Hoeven and Governor Doug Burgum highlighted all of North Dakota’s initiatives in the industry at Fargo’s annual drone conference. The state has been selected as one of ten national sites for…

How Mother’s in Fargo are Celebrating Their Day with Their Kiddos

Especially while being able to laugh, craft and say thank you

FARGO, N.D. — Mother’s Day is being celebrated all over the country but mama’s here in Fargo are doing more than just that. Mom’s in Fargo are spending the day with those who made them a parent. To some, Mother’s Day is about the hearts and flowers and sending our thanks to those who brought us into this world. But…

New Study Shows Young Adults are Lonelier than Ever Before

Cigna released a study that 43% of young adults say that they don't have meaningful relationships

FARGO, N.D. — Many young adults are told to be the best they can possibly be and to stop at nothing to be successful. “When that doesn’t map onto your own experiences, it could violate your expectations and that could be a letdown,” said Dr. Kathryn Gordon, an Associate Professor of Psychology at NDSU. The growing culture of perfectionism, as well…

Fargo City Commissioners, Engineers Discuss Future of Main Avenue

The meeting discussed possible design alternatives and how businesses could prosper as a result

FARGO, N.D. — Thousands of cars roll down Main Avenue to get to downtown Fargo every day, but city engineers say that the time has come for the main road to get a new look. “It really comes down to four different road alternatives. You could do a three lane, you could do a four lane, you could do a five…

Sanford Welcomes New Installation: “Because of You…I Live”

Honoring the lived and stories of organ and tissue donors, families and recipients with a new installation

FARGO, N.D. — Sanford Medical Center is honoring the lives and stories of organ and tissue donors, families and recipients with a new installation. The “because of you… I live wall” shares photos and stories behind those who are a part of this life saving opportunity. Some of the patients want people to know that this possibility and technology is…