No Fish Caught Again at the Frosty Bobber Winter Carnival

After being revitalized last year the East Grand Forks Community event is back again

EAST GRAND FORKS, Minn. — Fargo isn’t the only city in the valley throwing a winter celebration this weekend. The Frosty Bobber Winter Carnival began back in the 1990’s and after a few years on hiatus, the Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals brought it back last year. The event has cardboard sledding, a chili feed and carriage rides, but their…

National Weather Service Says Spring Flooding is Likely in the F-M Area

The National Weather Service is predicting a 50% chance the Red River could hit major flood stage in Fargo-Moorhead

FARGO, N.D. — Spring flooding throughout the Red River Valley is likely this year. The National Weather Service released their first flooding forecast of the year. “It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a major flood, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be above 30 feet,” said KVRR Meteorologist, Jason Cerjak. “Basically, it says there’s a 50 percent…

Volunteers Prep for Frostival

Volunteers built igloos and snow cubes for the 2017 Frostival

The 2017 Frostival kicks off this Friday and the community has been working together to build the perfect winter set up. The Frostival will include activities such as cardboard sled races, snow fort making and a winter rocks skating event. Today, 13 volunteers put on their snow boots and came out to the Hjemkomst to build igloos and snow cubes…

How Ranchers Keep Livestock Warm in Winter Storms

Ranchers say livestock deaths are "minimal" so far this winter season

Despite recent winter storms, North Dakota Ag officials say most of the state’s livestock made it through. Cattle specialist Carl Dahlen says most cows are not taken inside during harsh winter storms. He says this can be dangerous to the animals. The excessive body heat and moisture could cause the spread of pneumonia¬†or other sicknesses. Ranchers use tree lines, walls…

Website Ranks Minnesota as State with Most Miserable Winter

The website has ranked Minnesota as the state with the most miserable winter, beating out Alaska and North Dakota

We’re all too familiar with the biting wind chill and these heaps of snow that come through here every once in a while. But do people in town really believe that Minnesota has the most miserable winter in the country? Writers at say they ranked every state based on weather data, interviews with locals and how effective snow removal…

ND Game and Fish Gives Warning to Snowmobilers

They want to warn drivers to be aware of wildlife crossing their paths

North Dakota Game and Fish is reminding snowmobile enthusiasts to stay clear of wildlife and its habitat. They say the wildlife population has already suffered significantly this winter due to the cold and near-record snowfall. Snowmobiles cannot be used to flush, chase or pursue wildlife. Running snowmobiles near, through or around winter habitat such as thickets, cattails and wooded areas…

Checking Your Pipes Each Day May Keep the Plumber Away

Checking faucets and clearing roof vents can save homeowners expensive calls to the plumber or water damage to their basements

Damage from broken water pipes is a common occurrence this time of year, but it’s not the only wintertime problem homeowners face. Flooded basements happen often in the winter and there’s a few things homeowners can do to prevent it. “You should know where the main shutoff is for their water supply to the house,” said Ward Kuehn of Precision…

Thin Ice Calls for Extra Precautions While Ice Fishing

Ice is still too thin in many areas for trucks to drive on

  HAWLEY, Minn. This year is similar to last year in that higher temperatures have delayed bodies of water from freezing on time in many areas. The thinner ice can make activities like ice fishing carry a lot more risk. Angler Harley Klemick says one benefit of thin ice is drilling is easier…even if you can’t drive to your warming…

24 Hours After Snowfall…Clean Your Sidewalks

With all the winter weather the past few weeks it's important to remember to clear the walkways

FARGO, N.D. After this weekend’s winter storm, sidewalks are covered in ice and if you’re a homeowner, you could be responsible. In Fargo, it is left to homeowners to clear their sidewalks. You have until 24 hours after a snowfall to clean the sidewalk. Failure to do so could end in a warning or a minimum $75 fine. Snow must…

Winter Adventures: Fun With Fargo Parks

We have winter adventurer and Fargo Park District director Joel Vettel live in studio with the scoop.

Adam talks live in-studio with the new director of the Fargo Park District to find out the best options for outdoor fun to stay active, help shake off the winter blues and enjoy our beautiful weather this week. Tags: FARGO, Parks, Recreation, winter