Morning – Pet Connection

Pet Connection: Meet Oliver

He has a subtle sparkle all his own.

Diamond In The Ruff pet rescue can sure spot a gem when they see one. This week’s Pet Connection Thursday was a particular treat for the Morning Show’s Emily Welker, because Diamond’s Ryan Keel brought in her very favorite kind of dog to visit with us live in-studio — the kind of dog that’s a little shy at first, but…

Pet Connection: Meet Jada

Jada Comes to us From Our Friends at 4 Luv of Dog Rescue

  Jada is a year-and-a-half-old pit bull who needs a good home. She’s very well-behaved and already knows some commands. She comes to Pet Connection from our friends at 4 Luv of Dog Rescue. The rescue is also doing a fundraiser at Papa John’s restaurants in the F/M area from September 1-3. Enter the code “FM4LUV” to get 20 percent…

Pet Connection: Meet Dexter and Doakes

A dynamic duo, one of whom pulled a disappearing act in the studio.

Doaks (2) This week’s Pet Connection came with a bit of a mystery — since one-half of this dynamic duo Dexter and Doakes decided to ditch the desk mid-interview. These two young cats are part of a deluge that’s inundated Homeward Animal Shelter with a flood of cats and kittens lately. But somehow, amid all the cat chaos, Homeward’s Heather…

Pet Connection: Meet Tink

She's small, sparkly, and has a lot to say.

Tink the rat terrier and her volunteer, Cheryl McGetrick of Diamond in the Ruff pet rescue, stopped by the KVRR Morning Show studios and helped light up a live interview with Emily Welker for this week’s Pet Connection. Tink is tiny, but she’s a grown-up, at about 3 years old and counting. 3 is squarely in adult territory for dogs,…

Pet Connection: Meet Scrappy

Scrappy is Looking to Have Fun in a Forever Home

Our friends at 4 Luv of Dog Rescue join Jackie with Scrappy. Scrappy is an energetic 10-month-old puppy. Although he is a little jumpy, heĀ is treat motivated and the perfect age to set boundaries and manners. If Scrappy is the perfect dog for you, you can find more information on the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue website by clicking here….

Pet Connection: Meet Blue

Blue Recently Lost His Mate And Is Looking For A "Retirement" Home

  Our friends at the Center for Aviation Adoption, Research and Education join Adam with Blue. Blue is a Blue Pied Parrotlet. He’s around 15 years old, and sadly recently lost his mate. He is a low-maintenance bird, and doesn’t mind being held. He would do best in a quiet environment, and would be a great bird for an apartment…

Pet Connection: Meet Shiloh

He's part of the Mod Squad, as in "behavior modification."

shiloh No one likes to be called “difficult,” but with dogs, just like with people, there are varying degrees of social skills. People who don’t have much in the way of social graces might have a hard time finding friends, but dogs who lack them have a harder time — they often can’t find homes. That’s what makes this week’s…

Pet Connection: Meet Roxanne and Gumby

Don't let their shenanigans fool you. They're both really quite sweet.

Face-boxing, barking, leash-chewing, jumping and mouthing: nobody in the world would get away with one of these behaviors, let alone all of them, let alone ALL of them at once and on live television, and have it make them categorically irresistible, save a six-month-old puppy. Fortunately for Roxanne and Gumby, a brother and sister pair who took over the KVRR…

Pet Connection: Meet Clark

After a lifetime of disappointments, this old dog is getting new hope.

When someone you love disappoints you, it can be tempting to give up on love. That could have so easily happened to Clark, a ten-or-so-year-old black lab who was found wandering the streets of Minneapolis as a stray by the folks at Diamond In The Ruff. After probably a lifetime as someone’s best buddy, Clark was sick and stranded, alone…

Pet Connection: Meet Gibbs

A little boy with a lot of love to give.

There’s a reason why people love puppies. Gibbs came to the KVRR Morning Show to visit live in-studio with his buddy, Homeward Animal Shelter worker Heather Klefstad, and found his way right into everyone’s hearts. The nine-month-old shepherd cross was rescued from the pound with a case of non-contagious mange, and you can still see the faint marks from it…