Community Participates in Active Shooter Drill at New Sanford Medical Center

Local Hospitals, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Emergency Responders Worked Together to Prepare For an Active Shooter Scenario

FARGO, ND — You can never be too prepared for dangerous situations. Sanford Health and Essentia Health partnered with F–M police, fire, ambulance and dispatch to prepare for an active shooter situation. “It’s a complex scenario,” said Ken Krupich it’s got a lot of emotion tied to it, it can be quite devastating obviously so it tests a lot of…

Fixing Minnesota’s Polluted Water Sources

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is hoping to receive funds for new water treatment facilities

MOORHEAD, MN — Each year, 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage, storm water, and industrial waste are dumped into U.S. lakes, rivers and streams. Water is one of Minnesota’s most abundant and precious resources. That means it’s up to us as a community to make sure it stays clean. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency met with Moorhead city officials and…

Prairie St. John’s Celebrates 20 Years of Offering Hope and Healing

North Dakota first lady Kathryn Helgass Burgum talked about the role Prairie St. John's played in her recovery from alcohol abuse

FARGO, ND — Prairie St. John’s hospital celebrates 20 year of helping people suffering from mental illness and addiction. The celebration made it clear there’s more work left to be done. North Dakota first lady Kathryn Helgass Burgum talked about the role Prairie St. John’s played in her recovery from alcohol abuse. Addict Scott Smith also shared his story. It…

Experts Say Fit Sleep into Your Finals Schedule

Sleep may help you get a better grade on that test

FARGO, ND — Before you hit the books all night to study for finals, you may want to consider this. A study done by Harvard University suggests that dreaming can help boost your memory. Sacrificing sleep to study is an age old ritual of finals week, but experts say it may leave you dragging. A local sleep doctor says it’s…

GOP Continues Budget Planning, Despite Gov. Dayton’s Veto Threats

A health care budget also seeks to abolish MNsure by 2019

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota’s Republican Legislature isn’t backing down from Gov. Dayton’s veto threats as lawmakers finalize their budget offer. The Legislature started piecing together budget bills Monday as legislative leaders prepared to head into negotiations with the Democratic governor. The environmental funding bill would delay Dayton’s initiative requiring buffers between cropland and waterways until 2019. Dayton has vowed…

Source of “Bites” at West Fargo’s Berger Elementary Still a Mystery

They found evidence of bats on campus, but there is no evidence of bats in the building

  WEST FARGO, ND — What bit a student and a staff member at L.E. Berger Elementary School in West Fargo last week remains a mystery. Bat Pros did a full inspection of the school on Saturday since a medical professional thought the injury looked like a bat bite. They found evidence of bats on campus, but there is no…

Law Enforcement Holding Active Shooter Drill at New Sanford Hospital

The drill will allow teams to test capabilities and procedures and prepare for a real-life crisis to better serve the community

  FARGO, ND — Sanford’s new medical center will be swarming with law enforcement officers on Tuesday. An active shooter drill will be held starting at 8 a.m. Local hospitals, law enforcement agencies and emergency responders will participate. The drill will allow teams to test capabilities and procedures and prepare for a real-life crisis to better serve the community. Construction…

Clara and Cutler: Best Friends for Facebook

Their moms call it love at first sight

GRAND FORKS, ND — Two babies in Grand Forks have not only captured the hearts of their families, but the online world as well. Their moms created a Facebook page for the pair that has gained thousands of followers in under a year. Clara Beaton and Cutler Thompson are down-right adorable. These baby BFFs have Down syndrome and their moms…

Moorhead Police Take Part in Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Police took the day to collect prescription drugs to help keep the community safe

MOORHEAD, Minn., — Moorhead police say the majority of abused prescriptions are obtained from medicine cabinets at home.  Police officers were at different locations all across the Valley for Prescription Drug Take Back Day. It’s a way to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding homes of expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs. One of the drop offs was set…

Community Struggles with Answers After Fatal West Fargo Fentanyl Spill

Health officials say they are desperately seeking a solution but need the entire community needs to understand how dire the situation is

WEST FARGO, ND — West Fargo police are in the process of investigating after a fentanyl exposure kills one man and puts another in the hospital. West Fargo officers arrived at 612 6th Street East in West Fargo just before 5:30 p.m. Thursday. Alexander Hirn, 19, was pronounced dead at the scene and another man was taken to the hospital….