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North Dakota’s First Ever HIV Awareness Walk Gets Rid of Misconceptions Behind the Virus

The North Dakota Community Planning Group, Family Healthcare and the North Dakota Department of Health put on the walk

FARGO, N.D. — The HIV virus has been in the United States since the 1970’s but to this day, it still carries a stigma with it. “People think someone is HIV infected because they’re a gay man or they do drugs and stuff like that,” said Ryan Braunberger, community co-chair of the North Dakota Community Planning Group. Braunberger says it’s…

Dairy Queen Celebrates Miracle Treat Day

With each Dairy Queen Blizzard sold, one dollar or more will go toward Children's Miracle Network

WEST FARGO, N.D.– Fifty Dairy Queens across North Dakota and the northwest part of Minnesota are teaming up with Children’s Miracle Network for Miracle Treat Day. With each Dairy Queen Blizzard sold, one dollar or more will go toward Children’s Miracle Network and benefit the children at Sanford Children’s Hospital. This is the 13th year the organizations have teamed up…

Sanford Occupational Therapist Explains Ergonomics

Neck, back, and wrist pain are all very common among those who sit for extended periods of time at the office

FARGO, N.D.– Neck, back, and wrist pain are all very common among those who sit for extended periods of time at the office. A Sanford occupational therapist explains “Ergonomics” as making adjustments to your work environment in order to eliminate awkward positions. Sit–stand workstations, proper chair height, footrests, and wrist rests are examples of ergonomic equipment. The occupational therapist says…

Health Providers Stress Importance of Creating an Advance Health Plan

Regardless of age, officials say that everyone should have an advance directive in case of a health emergency

FARGO, N.D. — Young people don’t usually think about how they’d like to be cared for if they are unable to make their own decisions, but health officials say it’s important for everyone to have a plan in case of the inevitable. “For young people, car accidents, a whole variety of things could happen to them too, even though they’re ‘bulletproof’….

New Electric Vehicle Chargers Installed at Sanford Health

Chargers come from partnership with CCEC, Lignite, and Sanford Health

FARGO, N.D. — Cass County Electric Cooperative teams up with Lignite Energy Council and Sanford Health to install new charging stations for electric cars. Four electric vehicle chargers will soon be ready for use at Sanford’s new location near Interstate 94 The chargers are part of the Electric Cooperative’s plan to keep the Fargo area at the forefront of emerging energy…

Sanford Medical Center Unveils New Veteran’s Club

The hospital is also putting one in South Dakota

FARGO, N.D. — The next time you go to Sanford Health’s main campus, you’ll probably notice its newest addition to the building. The hospital unveiled a wing completely devoted to veterans. Put some veterans who have never met each other in a room together and you’ll get the same result every time. “That all takes a couple of minutes, a cup…

North Dakota Colorectal Cancer Roundtable Announces 2018 Awards

There were 20 nominations

  FARGO, N.D. — The North Dakota Colorectal Cancer Roundtable passed out awards to those who have been influential in fighting the disease. They awarded colorectal cancer survivor Amanda Houston with Champion of the Year, Family Healthcare a cancer screening award and Sanford Health with Organization of the Year. The Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Tribal Health and Indian Health Service…

North Dakota Ranks Among Top States in Lung Cancer Survival Rates

American Lung Association releases report that puts North Dakota in Top 25% in Diagnosis, Survival Rates

FARGO, N.D. — At Essentia Health in Fargo, lung cancer is the second highest diagnosed cancer among men and the third highest among women. The American Lung Association says North Dakota ranks among the states with the lowest rate of lung cancer patients nationwide. The Peace Garden State also falls among the top 25% percent in the nation in lung cancer…

Sanford Health: One of Fourteen Participants in Diabetes Study

Sanford Project T-Rex Study gathers 110 patients to see if T-regulatory cells can reverse Type 1 Diabetes

FARGO, N.D. — North Dakota has one of the highest rates of Type 1 Diabetes patients in the nation. However, at Sanford Health in Fargo, a clinical test can be a game changer for a disease’s impact on children’s lives. In a partnership with Caladrius Biosciences, Sanford Health has launched the Sanford Project T–Rex Study to study how patients react…

New Year, Same Germs: Doctors Seeing More Flu Cases After the Holidays

Doctors Are Seeing Patients Pour in With Flu Symptoms Through the Fargo-Moorhead Area

FARGO, ND — Many people look forward to the holidays, but spending time with loved ones could be getting you sick. Doctors say the holidays can always play a factor in the number of flu cases because there are larger numbers of people gathered together in one space. That means people are exposed to more germs, then go home and…