social distancing

Social Distancing: Well-Oiled Machine

The Pandemic Gives Me Time To Brush Up On Car Maintenance

  We had a gorgeous weekend, and you can’t count on many more days like that this season. So the clock is ticking to get things done outside. So I used the opportunity to broaden by skill set a little and do some car maintenance. I didn’t want to take my car to the shop to get my oil changed…

Social Distancing: Turkey Trot For Two

Watch The Moment Two Lonesome Turkeys Find Kindred Spirits In Each Other

  The next big holiday is Thanksgiving. It’s coming up three weeks from today. But this turkey story I’m about to share won’t end up on someone’s dinner table. Fun animal vids are great to watch while you’re socially distancing. My friend at the Hawkes Homestead animal rescue near New Rockford recently brought in a turkey. They already had one…

Social Distancing: Historical Gem

Check Out A Building From 1871

  Let’s take a minute to take a deep breath and forget about election results. Go take a walk today, or maybe a bike ride. The weather is wonderful for that, and that’s pretty rare this time of year. I took a bike ride along the river in North Moorhead and Fargo Tuesday afternoon. It was relaxing, and I rode…

Social Distancing: Running Pikachu

Halloween Fun During The Pandemic

  I hope you had a Happy Halloween, despite all this stupid COVID stuff getting in the way. There were still ways to have fun while social distancing. I took a bucket full of candy and chips over to my Big Brothers/Big Sisters Little’s place. He wasn’t trick-or-treating this year, so I wanted to make sure he had some candy….

Social Distancing: Lefse Facemasks

Very Norwegian

  Face masks. They’re mandated in Minnesota and in more and more cities in North Dakota. The science proves they help limit the transmission of COVID-19. But our faces are how we show emotion, and not being able to see each other’s smiles can help make us feel even more distant than six feet. But as the pandemic drags on,…

Social Distancing: Testing A Breakfast Hack

I Tried A New Trend Designed To Make Lots Of Pancakes With Less Hassle

  It’s getting colder, and we’re getting to that time of year where I love a nice hot breakfast. And since I’ve been trying a few new culinary techniques while we’re all eating at home more, I wanted to try a new take on breakfast. Forget standing over a hot griddle for a half hour trying to not burn the…

Social Distancing: A Sharp Idea

Halloween Movies And Creating Your Own Slasher Film Props

  This socially-distanced Halloween season might be the perfect time to brush up on some of the seasonal classics, especially if you haven’t seen them yet. I finally saw a classic over the weekend. Hocus Pocus. Three witches come back to life and wreak havoc on Salem, Massachusetts one Halloween night. It’s one of those movies that people get made…

Social Distancing: Ghost Tours

Explore Haunted Sites In Our Region This Halloween

  If you want a truly haunting experience this Halloween season without being haunted by the specter of COVID-19, skip the costume parties and trick or treating. Go for the real frights…ghosts. We live in a pretty haunted area. And you can explore these places while safely social distancing…unless you count ghosts. But I don’t think ghosts can carry a…

Social Distancing: Metro Cemetery Tour

A Spooky, Distanced Idea for Halloween

Halloween is just over a week away. And if you want to do something on the spooky side while socially distancing at least six feet. Well…they bury the dead six feet under ground. The Day of the Dead comes right after Halloween, and I put together a little list of some of the Metro’s most famous deceased residents for a…

Social Distancing: Having Fun In Spite Of The Snow

Plus, some ways to still get into the Halloween spirit

  It’s cold and snowy out. As much as you might not want it to be that time of year, it is. But you can still get out and enjoy some fresh air if you don’t mind the snow. I went out on a run Tuesday afternoon. It was actually really nice. Just gotta make sure you bundle up. Plus,…