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Social Distancing: Still Trying To Sum Up 2020

At Least Two Dictionaries Declare "Pandemic" Word Of The Year

  Remember last week when the Oxford English Dictionary declared it could not come up with a single word of the year to describe 2020? There was just too much stuff happening this year to sum it up in one word. I asked you guys to come up with your word of the year. We got suggestions of “frustrating”, “apocalypse”,…

Social Distancing: Feeling Thankful

Plus, looking ahead to Christmas

It sure seems like we made the most of this weird Thanksgiving Holiday. It was heartwarming seeing so many people have celebrations at home while still getting into the spirit and remembering what they have to be thankful for. I saw several people making their very first pies. My very first pie turned out better than I could have hoped!…

Social Distancing: Pie In The Sky

First Time Cooks Are Navigating Kitchens All Across The Country This Thanksgiving

  We wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving celebration today. Safe from COVID risk, and safe from kitchen calamity. A lot of people are attempting Thanksgiving cooking for the first time today. We’ve got first-time turkey cooking tips on the morning show page on from our friends at Meats by John & Wanye. This Thanksgiving morning I’m sharing…

Social Distancing: Describe 2020 In One Word

The Dictionary Can't. Can You?

  2020 has been an interesting year for all of us to navigate, and Oxford English Dictionary agrees. The dictionary traditionally names a certain word for every year. This year, not so much. According to a new report released by the publishing company, “20-20 is not a year that could neatly be accommodated in one single ‘Word of the Year.”…

Social Distancing: Long Walks On The Beach

Long walks on the beach aren't strictly a summer activity

  It’s not too late for a walk along the beach. And for a bonus, it’s really easy to socially distance. Because there’s no one there! My girlfriend and I took an impromptu drive to Detroit Lakes on Saturday afternoon. And we took a walk along the beach right as the sun was starting to set. It was beautiful. It…

Social Distancing: Handling Holiday Stress

How To Take Care Of Yourself And Let Family Down Easily If You're Not Gathering For The Holidays

  This holiday season is bringing a new kind of stress as many holiday traditions are upended during the worsening pandemic. Cassie Subbert with the Northwestern Mental Health Center in Crookston says focusing on ourselves and doing mindful activities can help with the stress. If you decide not to see family this season and it’s a difficult topic to bring…

Health experts: gatherings are why cases continue to skyrocket in Fargo-Moorhead

Cass County has over 1,500 active cases.

FARGO, N.D- Health experts are saying the reason COVID-19 cases keep rising is because people continue to gather. Cass County has over 1,500 active cases. “For the last four days we’re averaging about 246 cases a day who are being diagnosed with COVID-19,” Epidemiologist Brenton Nesemeier said. And those numbers keep rising. Gatherings and groups continue to be a problem….

Social Distancing: Holiday Movie Bingo

Spice Up Holiday Movies With Something Other Than Gingerbread

Holiday movies are dropping faster than anyone in their right mind can watch them. If you’re looking for comfort food on screen with a guaranteed happy ending as a salve for these trying times, they got you covered. Heck, the Hallmark Channel alone is releasing 40 NEW movies this year. And then there’s a huge slate of Netflix movies, Lifetime…

Social Distancing: Sewing Silver Linings

Pandemic Hobbies Include Getting Crafty

  With COVID numbers still rising and election stress still very much in play, along with winter coming and holiday stress and will you get to see your family and what about holiday shopping during the pandemic…it can be a lot. So we’re trying to focus on silver linings associated with pandemic life. And I’ve got a couple to share…

Social Distancing: Silver Linings

Remembering What's Good In Life As We Deal With The Pandemic

  Today’s Social Distancing Segment is about silver linings. There is a lot of bad that comes with the pandemic and it can feel overwhelming. But there are some things that can make things a little better. Here’s a small example. I tried working on my car over the weekend and ended up screwing things up. I busted a lug…