Morning Show Moments

Didn't get a chance to watch every day this week? Here are some highlights you might have missed.

We get it — your mornings are busy, and sometimes you have to run out the door before you can catch all the best moments of your only local news from seven to nine a.m. That’s why we kept an eye out for some of the good stuff you may have missed this week. Here’s a quick peek at some…

Controlled Burns Happening Throughout the Metro

This afternoon, they burnt roundabouts on Veterans Boulevard to remove weeds and stimulate growth of existing native plants

WEST FARGO, N.D. — If you see grass fires in the area, there’s a chance they could be controlled prairie burns. City workers in Fargo say these scheduled burns happen throughout early springtime. This afternoon, they burnt roundabouts on Veterans Boulevard to remove weeds and stimulate growth of existing native plants. Oftentimes, burns will get rescheduled since the weather has…

Minnesota Farmers Give Organizations Input on 2018 Farm Bill

Minnesota Farmers Union and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Hold Meeting in Moorhead to Discuss Ag Concerns

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The Minnesota Farmers Union and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture are traveling through the Land of 10,000 Lakes to meet with farmers and ag producers. “We’ve pretty much covered all of the corners of the state,” said Minnesota Farmers Union President Gary Wertish. “We’re hearing a lot of input and getting a lot of feedback.” Wertish said…

Ag Week at NDSU: Game Show Night!

Students and community members come together for a night of games celebrating Ag Week

FARGO, N.D. — NDSU students and community members gathered for a game of jeopardy in the continuation of celebrating Ag Week on campus. Teams answered questions about topics ranging from school history to sports. Prizes were given out, including gift cards to Scheels and Herd and Horns. “We all share the background of NDSU and NDSU’s background is agriculture,” said Jacob…

Scholarly Achievement Recognized at Concordia Symposium

The Celebration of Student Scholarship highlights research performed by Concrdia students

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Students at Concordia College showed off a year’s worth of research at the Celebration of Student Scholarship symposium. Approximately 350 students showed off results of their original, scholarly projects to a crowd at Memorial Auditorium. The entire school was invited to learn more about the 82 different research projects conducted by Concordia students. The symposium is designed…

Controlled Burns Scheduled for Veterans Boulevard

The exact time of the burns depends on the weather

  WEST FARGO, N.D. — If the weather is just right, crews will be doing controlled burns along Veterans Boulevard this week. The burning on the three roundabouts between 40th and 52nd Avenues South will happen Thursday or Friday and possibly next week. The exact time of the burns depends on the weather. The burning will help remove weeds and…

Springboard for the Arts, MNSBHC, Fergus Falls Fourth Graders Making Possibilities Bloom in Minnesota

Springboard for the Arts received a grant to place a sculpture at the head of Central Lakes State Trail

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. — Nature isn’t the only thing beginning to bloom in the spring. A partnership in Fergus Falls is brimming with ideas to promote a healthier lifestyle in Minnesota. The Central Lakes State Trail in Fergus Falls is filled with endless active possibilities. But many drive by the trail, too busy to notice this diamond in the rough….

Ag Week: Greenhouse Tours at NDSU

Ag week at NDSU continues with a variety of events including greenhouse tours

FARGO, N.D. — Ag Week at NDSU continues today with greenhouse tours. NDSU greenhouses held an open house and greenhouse tours during the continuation of Ag Week events. NDSU’s greenhouse complex is used for entomology, food safety and food science research. Students who work in the greenhouse said it’s important to expand research capabilities in order to benefit producers and businesses…

NDSU Students Raising Agriculture Awareness During Ag Week

Today kicked off ag week at NDSU brought to students by Ag Collective

FARGO, N.D. — NDSU is celebrating its roots during “Ag Week”. It kicked off on campus with a cookout where all students were welcome. The idea is to enhance, promote and encourage agriculture on the NDSU campus and in the region. A variety of Ag events will be happening all week long including ‘Ask an Ag Expert’, tours at the…

U.S. Ag Department Expects Soybean Crops at Record Level in North Dakota

A survey found that farmers are planting more soybeans than ever in North Dakota

NORTH DAKOTA — The U.S Agriculture Department says soybeans are expected to be planted at a record high level in North Dakota. A recent survey found that more farmers are investing in the crop that’s in high demand. “This will really be a turning point year,” said Peter Lovas, of Lovas Farms in Hillsboro. According to a survey done by…