Keep Your Pets Safe During Fireworks Season: Leave Them at Home

Your furry friends may be spooked by the loud noises and run off into danger

FARGO, N.D. — Many love to celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks, but the same can’t be said for our furry friends.  Experts say that pets should stay at home while you enjoy the area’s fireworks display. When your pet is at home make sure you keep them in an interior room to muffle the explosions and play music…

F-M RedHawks Honor Military Service Members and Families

F-M RedHawks are honoring our local service members and their families

FARGO, ND — It’s Military Appreciation Night at Newman Outdoor Field. F-M RedHawks are honoring our local service members and their families. KVRR’s Maria Santora joins us live with more on the game-day festivities. Categories: Business, Community, Local News, News Landing Page, North Dakota News Tags: Families, FM RedHawks, Military, Newman Outdoor Field, service

Senator Franken Says GOP Health Care Bill is a Really a Tax Cut

It comes after delaying a vote on the initial draft

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Republican senators are taking time to draft a new version of its health care bill that all members of their party can agree on. It comes after delaying a vote on the initial draft. Senate Democrats, including Minnesota Senator Franken, want the bill’s negotiations to be done in open committees. Franken sees the bill as something more…

Metro, Grand Cities Mosquito Spraying

West Nile virus has already been found this season in the Grand Forks region

  REGIONAL — Citywide mosquito spraying is planned for tonight in the F-M metro and the grand cities. Cass County Vector Control is planning an aerial application starting at 8 p.m. Crews will be out spraying in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. if the weather cooperates. West Nile virus has already been found…

Pet Connection: Meet Truly

A car crash broke her pelvis, but not her spirit. She's "Truly" a survivor.

This week’s Pet Connection is truly a heartwarming tale of survival. Truly, a one and a half year old black lab mix, is just out of a long confinement and recuperation after undergoing surgery to repair her pelvis, which was broken when a car ran her over. Truly spent two months on strict bed rest, immobilized to let her pelvis…

Business Owners Concerned About 19th Avenue North Project

Business owners along 19th Avenue North in Fargo show concern about the construction

FARGO, ND — Business owners along 19th Avenue North in Fargo say they are worried about how road construction will affect their companies. Project engineers say the purpose of the construction is to realign 19th Avenue to accommodate for a future under pass under the rail road tracks. The engineers are also looking to pave a five lane road on the east…

AARP Brings Signed Petitions to Senator Hoeven’s Office

The group feels the bill would hit millions of Americans with higher costs and result in less coverage, and would strip health coverage

FARGO, ND — Some people in North Dakota are opposed to passing the Senate’s health care bill. Organizations in the F-M area are giving a voice to their concerns. The AARP is taking a stance and delivered signed petitions by North Dakotans in opposition to the bill. The group said the bill would hit millions of Americans with higher costs and…

People Line Up Outside Sen. Hoeven’s Office Protesting Senate Health Care Bill

Indivisible FM held a pop–up protest to encourage him to vote against the Senate health care bill

FARGO, ND — Concerned citizens gathered in front of Sen. Hoeven’s Fargo office to make their voices heard about the Republican health care bill. Voting on the bill has been delayed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The Senate health care bill is causing concern for people in North Dakota and they are reaching out to their senators for answers….

Memory Fireworks Offering North Dakota Themes this Independence Day

Memory Fireworks Talks About the Trends This Season

HORACE, ND — Nothing says the Fourth of July quite like fireworks do. Memory Fireworks says they are offering new North Dakota themed fireworks this season. Along with the big fireworks there are kid friendly items people enjoy during the fourth including kid sparklers and light up glow sticks and bracelets. With the dry conditions limiting where to set off…

St. Paul Woman Protesting in Washington D.C. on President Trump’s Deportation Policies


WASHINGTON D.C. — One St. Paul woman traveled all the way to Washington, D.C. to protest Trump administration policies on deportation. She hopes her story can make a difference. “My dad was actually affected by deportation,” said Yingya Vang, of St. Paul. “In 2012, he was detained.” Vang has seen deportation first hand. “At that time, my brother was five-years-old and…