Local Farmers Urged to Take Precautions Against Bird Flu

The bird flu virus has now been detected in five states

FARGO, N.D. — The North Dakota Department of Health is urging local farmers to take precautions as the list of states with the bird flu grows. Georgia has just been added to the list which already includes Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Alabama. Avian Influenza, otherwise known as the bird flu, can be transmitted by both direct contact and through air. “The…

Diabetes Alert Day: Are You at Risk?

Adults are urged to take an online rick test for Diabetes Alert Day

FARGO, N.D. — American Diabetes Association is sounding the alarm about the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in adults. Diabetes Alert Day is held on the last Tuesday of March every year as a wakeup call to find out about diabetes. A free anonymous risk test is available online and only takes about a minute to complete. With questions such as…

Clothesline Project: Giving a Voice to Victims of Sexual Assault

The clothesline project is set up at NDSU where students are sharing their sexual assault stories through t-sirts

FARGO, N.D. — It’s a touchy subject that some people don’t wish to share with the public. “You thought it was okay to take advantage of me. It was not,” read NDSU student Mackenzie Eckman. “You acted like nothing happened but I have to live with this forever.” Eckman is just one of the many students within the NDSU community…

Dance Marathon at Concordia Needs Your Pennies

Pennies for Pediatrics is kicking off this week at Concordia to help support Sanford Children's Hospital

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Dance Marathon, a nationwide movement involving college students who raise money through dancing, games and entertainment, is stirring up a war at Concordia. The college is hosting its first “Pennies for Pediatrics” fundraiser on campus throughout the week. The competition is between dorms and off campus housing to see who can raise the most money by Friday….

Planned Parenthood Rally Outside Rep. Kevin Cramer’s Office

Protestors Dressed in Pink to Support Planned Parenthood

FARGO, N.D. — Protesters attempted to deliver a petition to Representative Kevin Cramer’s office in Fargo, urging him to vote against de-funding Planned Parenthood. They’re seen dressed head to toe in pink rallying in defense of the organization. The Trump Administration’s proposed American Health Care Act would reallocate funds from Planned Parenthood to other organizations. Protesters say the proposed bill…

Great Rides Gears Up for Season Opener

Great Rides gears up for biking season to begin this Sunday

FARGO, N.D. — Great Rides Bike Share is busy prepping for its third season of operation in Fargo. Workers are busy installing 11 stations and doing final testing to make sure the 100 bikes are ready for riders. This year, riders can check out bikes from the updated BYcycle app. Using this app, people can also manage their accounts and…

Sen. Heitkamp Wants Health Care Plan that Works in ND Communities

Senator Heitkamp shares what she would've wanted for the community if the bill was passed

FARGO, N.D. — While many Americans did not want the American Health Care Act to pass, Senator Heidi Heitkamp says she was one of them. Before House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the bill entirely, there were some concerns of where the act would leave citizens. A nonpartisan analysis estimated the American Health Care Act would immediately leave 14 million people…

Fargo’s Feathered Friends

They're crafting a new backyard chicken keeping ordinance, but they need your help to do it.

After sweeping urban areas of the country over the past few years, backyard chicken keeping could be coming to Fargo. After identifying some seemingly contradictory elements of city ordinance regarding keeping the birds in your backyard, Fargo City Commissioners directed the city attorney to work with Fargo Cass Public Health and other city departments to update Article 12–03, and other…

Live Long and Prosper

Donate Blood. It's the Logical Thing To Do.

Emily and Adam remind you every morning to donate blood. The folks at United Blood Services are wrestling with some serious shortages in our local blood supply, and they’re asking for your help with donations of much-needed blood types, and platelets too — all blood types are needed. Even green, as Adam pointed out. So live long and prosper, and…

LIVE: Muscle Pouring Into Fargo For Bodybuilding Tournament

National Physique Committee Regional Competition Happening At NDSU

Thomas Kemper with the National Physique Committee joins us on KVRR Local News to talk about this weekend’s bodybuilding show. Bodybuilders Erin Westby and Jeff Case, who have a lot of muscles, show off some of their poses. They also tell us about the level of dedication it takes to be a bodybuilder. The NPC is hosting the Upper Midwest…