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Health Experts Say Risk For Catching COVID-19 in Public Pools Is Low

With pools reopening in Fargo and West Fargo, many are concerned it would only further spread COVID-19.

FARGO & WEST FARGO, N.D. – With pools reopening in Fargo and West Fargo, many are concerned it would only further spread COVID-19. We spoke to an infectious diseases expert who says if a pool is properly kept, the chlorine should be able to kill the virus, so the risk is low. He also says as long as as you…

Social Distancing: Anti-Anxiety Animal Posts

Sooth Your Aching Heart With Adorable Animal Antics

  This is one of the most sorrowful weeks we’ve seen here in our region. Nearly everyone’s hearts are heavy. And couple with a global pandemic, things can feel overwhelming. So let’s take a moment and step back and find some things to help us feel better. Exercise is great for your mental health as well. I went on a…

Social Distancing: A Big Birthday Gesture

A Grandma Gets A Loving Birthday Tribute From A Safe Social Distance

  There are some silver linings to this pandemic. It’s a lot harder to get together in person for things like birthdays, but that means we’re getting to see fun displays that let everyone around know there’s a reason to celebrate. One of my neighbors turned 87 on Monday. Her name is Dorothy and she is just the the sweetest….

Social Distancing: Remembering What We Have

Plus, A New Memorial Tradition May Have Started

  We took time to honor our military service members who gave their lives serving this country this week. Things looked different because of the pandemic. In-person memorial services were cancelled or cut way back, but with the change we could see the birth of a new tradition to honor those service members this morning. Peter Thiel is a band…

Social Distancing: The Big Flower Fight

Watching A Floral Design Show With A Florist Is Entertaining

  This long weekend is a good chance to catch up on some shows. Even if you’ve already went though your queue, streaming services aren’t out of new stuff to drop. Which brings me to what I did most of the weekend. Netflix dropped a new floral design competition show called “The Big Flower Fight” last week. Teams of amateur…

Social Distancing In The Great Outdoors

Tips On How To Stay Safe As People Flock To Outdoor Spaces After Months Of Social Distancing

  People who have been cooped up inside social distancing might be itching to get out during the long weekend. But if you’re heading for the great outdoors, you still have to pay attention to social distancing. The USDA Forest Service says they expect a lot of people to head to outdoor spaces. If you do, there are some tips…

Social Distancing: Watch Where You Order Delivery From

Plus, A High School Mascot Throwdown

  If you’re social distancing and want to avoid crowds at restaurants, ordering food seems like a good way to go. But be careful who your order from. They may not be who they seem. A couple big restaurant chains are selling food on delivery apps under different names. In some places, if your order “Pasqually’s Pizza”, you’re actually getting…

Social Distancing: Balancing Life When You’re Working From Home

Tips On Keeping Your Work And Home Lives Separate If You Work From Home During COVID-19

  It can be a challenge keeping your job stress from coming home with you if you’re working at home due to COVID-19. Counselor Rachel Blumhardt with The Village Family Service Center says it’s important to make clear lines between work life and home life when you’re working from home. She recommends people set up home offices separate from their…

Social Distancing: Digging Up Memories

Social Distance-Induced Spring Cleaning Has Its Perks

  Now is the time to get those home projects done. You’re at home more, might as well spruce it up. Plus you never know what surprises you might find in your home. I started re-organizing my bedroom yesterday, digging through boxes that have been sitting there forever. And I found something I completely forgot about. You might have noticed…

Social Distancing: Avatars

Facebook Gives Us All Something To Do While We're Social Distancing

  I know I’m grateful for little distractions to entertain me for a few minutes when we’re supposed to be social distancing. My social media feeds were filled with little cartoon versions of my friends this weekend. Facebook launched a new avatar feature. You make a little cartoon that looks like you, or not if you want, and you can…