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Social Distancing: Turkeys Gone Wild

Plus, More Local Art Honoring Health Care Workers

  I’ve really valued my afternoon runs during this pandemic. It’s a chance to forget all the doom and gloom headlines, get some fresh air, and stay fit in a way that’s pretty easy to maintain social distancing. Unless you run across a gang of these hooligans. I see a lot of turkeys when I run, but this was the…

Social Distancing: Finding A Way To Celebrate Milestones

Plus, Who Says You Need a Shirt For Class?

  A lot people are missing a lot of major milestones. An entire class of seniors had their graduation ceremonies taken from them. We’re having to celebrate birthdays and weddings through a screen. Thankfully, some of you are still getting to celebrate life’s big moments even while you’re protecting yourselves during the pandemic. Doug Beierle send in these gems. It’s…

Social Distancing: Pigs & Babies

Plus, Keeping A School Tradition Alive During The Pandemic

  A lot of us are getting time to dig into old hobbies. Or dig up old history. One of my favorite museums in the area, The Lake Region Heritage Center in Devils Lake, is digging through its history and posting some gems on social media. 1893 First Graduates of DLHS Posted by Lake Region Heritage Center Inc on Tuesday, May…

Social Distancing: Stay Golden

Plus, A Haircut Dilemma

  Even some of the most basic things we do bring a whole rash of new questions this morning. Like, I think I need a haircut. It’s getting pretty raggedy. Even that little bit of growth is agony for TV news people. We’re taught to keep our hair locked in as tight as possible like our lives depend on it….

Social Distancing: Play Ball!

Looking Forward To When We Can Come Back Together For Sports

  The temperatures are getting warmer and it’s looking real nice out a lot of the time. A lot of us are chomping at the bit to get out and get active. But that’s harder to do during a pandemic. The Fargo Marathon was supposed to be this weekend. Thousands of runners weren’t able to lace ’em up and run…

Social Distancing: Small & Large Victories

Make Sure And Count Your Victories During The Pandemic

  This will give you some hope heading into the weekend. They’re celebrating courageous COVID-19 survivors at Eventide in Fargo. That clip was Bernice crossing the finish line in the road to recovery. She’s joined by Marlene and Vicki who celebrated their own recovery. It is so inspiring to see these brave ladies make a full recovery! Their spirit can…

Social Distancing: It’s A Marathon

How Runners Are Marking What Should Have Been Fargo Marathon Week

  The Fargo Marathon was supposed to be this week. Thousands of runners were set to hit the road for the 5K tomorrow night and the longer races on Saturday. But that dang pandemic got in the way. I was supposed to run my first half-marathon. It’s a bummer missing out. I was looking forward to it for months, and…

Social Distancing: Mask Comparison

Adam Compares Two Different Styles Of Cloth Face Masks For Social Distancing

Public health officials recommend that we wear masks when we go out in public. They help protect others in case we’re carrying COVID-19 and don’t know it, and they may help protect you from a potential infection. They say a simple cloth mask is sufficient for running errands. Heck, I made one out of a t-shirt last month. It worked…

Social Distancing: May The Fourth Be With You

Plus, A Perfect Excuse To Revisit Your Favorites And Show Them To A New Audience

  Social distancing is giving us a lot of time to catch up on the myriad of new shows streaming. Even with all this free time, you’ll never catch up on everything. But it’s also a time to revisit the classics. So here’s an idea, show your loved ones some of your favorite shows and movies. I showed my girlfriend…