Morning – In The Studio

FM Chamber Education Initiative

A new way to keep new talent closer to home.

The F-M Chamber of Commerce is launching a new initiative toward channeling the area’s many college grads into — instead of out of — the region’s economy. Chamber President Craig Whitney sat down live in-studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about the plan, which launches in January. Whitney said NDSU, MSUM, Concordia and the metro’s other institutions,…

LIVE: Get Up Close With Creepy Crawlers At Red River Zoo

"Night of the Living Zoo" Event Set For October 28th

  Red River Zoo executive director Sally Jacobson joins us with some creepy crawly animals you can get a chance to meet. The zoo is hosting its first “Night of the Living Zoo” event on October 28th. The event is adults-only. You have to be 21 to enter. You’ll be able to meet animals like tarantulas, millipedes, salamanders and cockroaches….

LIVE: Helping Kids Say No During Red Ribbon Week

Moorhead P.D. D.A.R.E. Officer Talks Drug Prevention

  Moorhead P.D. D.A.R.E. Officer Ethan Meehan talks about how the D.A.R.E. program works to keep kids from using drugs. He ways peer pressure is one of the biggest threats to kids, even those as young as 5th grade. Meehan says parents need to continue having similar conversations at home as well. D.A.R.E. just began its 5th grade program in…

Ghost Stories For Grownups

Why let the kids have all the fun for Halloween?

Halloween has, in years of late, become increasingly a  holiday for grownups. And with households in the U.S. expected to outspend last year’s record at more than $9 billion projected in Halloween-related expenditures this season, you may be looking for a more sophisticated way to celebrate the more grownup thrills and chills of the spookiest time of the year. Enter…

LIVE: Local Author, Illustrator Creating Series Of Children’s Books

Pair Looking For Help With Second Installment Through Kickstarter

  Author Zac Duval and illustrator McCal Joy stop by the KVRR morning show to talk about their children’s book series, “Ren and Marie”. Duval is a science fiction novelist who decided to branch out into children’s books to make a special gift for the child of a dear friend. He and Joy partnered to create the first “Ren and…

Money Talks: Medicare

Open enrollment is upon us. Here's what you need to know.

It’s open enrollment season again for the Medicare-eligible, and with the clock ticking away until the deadline hits early in December, it’s time for you to get to the bottom of the latest glut of information on what’s going on right now in the program. Chances are you’re starting to see information coming your way via ads and mailings from…

LIVE: Welcoming New Residents To Fargo

Welcome Party Helps People New To Town Feel At Home

  Tifanie Gelinske with the Greater Fargo/Moorhead Economic Developlent Corporation tells us about the importance of making sure new residents feel welcomed in the valley. The EDC is hosting its annual Welcome Party on October 24th at Fargo’s Sanctuary Events Center. Gelinske explains how isolated people can feel when they move to a new city, and how the Welcome Party…

LIVE: Fargo Record Fair Helping Local Vinyl Revival

2017 Fargo Record Fair Hosted At Sanctuary Events Center On Saturday, October, 21st

  Fargo Record Fair organizer Dean Sime joins Adam Ladwig to talk about the rise in vinyl in the region. More than 50 record sellers are coming together at the Sanctuary Events Center on Saturday October 21st for the 8th annual Fargo Record Fair. Sime talks about the resurgence of vinyl records, and why some prefer them to digital forms…

Money Talks: Iran Decertification

The world is watching what happens, and so are the markets.

President Trump’s announcement of major changes to the longstanding agreement between the U.S. and Iran over our inspections of nuclear weapon capabilities made headlines late last week, and hasn’t gone away since. Brady Brunsvold, of Legacy Wealth Management, said it’s the kind of major announcement that usually shakes the stock market from its high perch, but so far, things are…

LIVE: Help Shape The Future Of The Arts In Moorhead

City Inviting Public Input For Future Pub Art Projects

  Carrie Wintersteen, Executive Director of Theater B and the head of Moorhead’s Arts and Culture Commission joins Adam Ladwig to talk about the future of public art in the city. The Commission is planning an open house on October 17th to help shape the city’s Arts and Culture Roadmap. The Commission is inviting community members to offer their own…