Pet Connection

Pet Connection: Meet Gracie

Puppies are the cutest things ever. But boy, are they a pain.

4 Luv of Dog volunteers are live in studio with a special, tiny, adorable guest. Gracie is just 8 weeks old, part of a litter born to a rescue dog who was pregnant when she was taken in. The volunteers with the rescue organization were happy to help her bring her babies into the world safely, but as 4 Luv…

Pet Connection: Meet Susan

Meet Susan, a year-and-a-half-old female pit bull who almost didn’t make it out of a regional pound. The gray pit bull’s velvety coat and melting eyes notwithstanding, Susan was almost put to sleep because controversy over her breed made her less likely to find a home for adoption than other dogs. That didn’t stop volunteers with 4 Luv of Dog….

Pet Connection – Meet Catfish

The hardworking volunteers of 4 Luv of Dog braved the Thanksgiving fog to come in live in-studio to the KVRR Local Morning show to talk with Emily about Catfish. You won’t find Catfish on the Thanksgiving table, but you might find him under it, hanging out faithfully waiting for a few dropovers. About 45 pounds worth of pure love, this…